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Experts named the five most popular European countries

Эксперты назвали пять популярных у россиян стран Европы

Our experts in hotel search Trivago has identified five of the most popular among Russians of European destinations in the summer of 2016. Specialists also learned how much travelers are willing to pay for a hotel in each of these countries, according to the Association of tour operators (ATOR).

The experts identified that the most popular European country among Russians was Cyprus. They found that, after studying the queries of users searching for on Trivago from 1 January to 22 may of the hotel for the summer. The average price you are willing to pay tourists for a night in the hotels of the island, is 107 Euro for a double room.

On the second place on popularity — Montenegro (94 euros on average). In Greece, closing the top three rankings, tourists are willing to spend on a hotel 159 euros per night. In the top 5 European destinations also includes Bulgaria and Spain. The average price for a standard double room these countries amounted to 77 and 118 euros, respectively.

In addition, experts Trivago learned that the greatest interest this summer to Russia shown by tourists from Germany, Italy, USA, Spain and Israel.

The may survey by “tutu.<url>” showed that the most popular country among travelers from Russia in June was Montenegro. This country accounted for 11 percent of all sold in the first month of summer tickets. In the top 5 ranking also includes Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Greece.

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