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Experts confirm high level of mortality from tuberculosis in Russia

Эксперты констатируют высокий уровень смертности от туберкулеза в России

The experts of the Foundation of independent monitoring “Health” note that morbidity and mortality from tuberculosis in Russia remains at a high level, which requires health authorities quickly, including in the field of provision of medicines of patients.

According to the Director of the Fund “Health”, member of Public chamber of Russia Eduard Gavrilov, the death rate from tuberculosis last year in Russia decreased compared to year 2014 of 8.2% and is 9 cases per 100 thousand population. However, according to him, twice in 5 years, almost 5 thousand a year, increased the number of deaths of patients with tuberculosis who have been infected by HIV.

“While tuberculosis is not indicated as a cause of death that distorts the true statistical picture”, — said the expert.

Gavrilov added that in some regions the death rate from tuberculosis in the past year increased. “For example, in Mariy-El 12.8% increase in the mortality of the working-age population in 2015 from tuberculosis in the Orenburg region — 4%,” — said social activist.

Among other acute problems of uncontrolled tuberculosis incidence among migrant workers, the lack of specific drugs in the preferential lists of some regions, low coverage of chest x-rays, irregularities in procurement of drugs and the timing of bringing funding for the regions.

“Foreigners coming to Russia for up to 90 days, as well as migrants who are illegally detained for a longer period, undergo a TB screening only when symptoms of disease and treatment in a medical organization. That is the real situation of TB among migrants we do not know. And all this creates a threat to the health of Russian citizens”, — said Gavrilov.

Experts of Fund “Health” believe that treatment for TB should be included in health insurance for migrants that costs 1.5-2 months of treatment does not lay on the Russian health care budget.

Meanwhile, according to the FMS, 2015 entered Russia 17.1 million foreigners (mainly from Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan), of which by the end of the year to 9.9 million people. Among all detect diseases giving grounds for deportation, about 45% is tuberculosis.

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