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Experts advise how to keep beautiful skin after 45 years

Эксперты посоветовали, как сохранить красивую кожу после 45 лет The Golden rules of skin care after 45.

Daily self-care will remain attractive at any age. Without any rules of skin care can not do women after 45.

After a 45-minute collagen production decreases, so the skin begins to lose its elasticity, thins and becomes dry. Harmful environmental factors accelerate these processes. All this leads to the appearance of wrinkles. However, systematic care for the skin after 45 years helping to fight the signs of aging. The use of anti-aging cosmetics and anti-aging treatments should start on time.

1. You should replace the water cleanser on cleanser. Wash away the makeup from the face and eyes is recommended only cream tool. The fact that at this age, the skin suffers from excessive dryness. Cleansing milk refresh the skin and saturate it with moisture.

2. Choose alcohol-free toners and creams. As you know, alcohol dries the skin. But it rather needs constant irrigation, for example, moisturizing spray. It can be used up to 4 times a day. Don’t over-dry the skin in the sun. Mature skin, and dry, need to be protected more carefully from external factors.

3. Choose creams based on plant oils and extracts. Before cream, apply on face anti-aging serum with active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, retinol.

4. Be sure to do the facial massage. It will relax muscles, help to cope with deep wrinkles, improve microcirculation and skin tone.

5. Shows the systematic use of masks: anti-aging, firming. It should be a specialized mask to smooth wrinkles, tighten facial muscles, remove the swelling. In mask for Mature skin contains: vitamins, collagen, fruit acids, elastin. Protein and paraffin mask should not be used more than once in a month.

6. Observe sleep and food, drink clean water. Nothing affects our skin as fatigue, bad habits and lack of vitamins.

7. Menopause, which is accompanied by hormonal changes that affects the status of the person. An endocrinologist will be able to advise you on a course of hormones. To slow aging take drugs of ginseng, Siberian ginseng, schisandra, Golden root.

8. To slow down the process of aging can be treatments such as microcurrent therapy, oxygen saturation of the skin, the median chemical peeling and mesotherapy. For women with eye bags and wrinkles effective is Thermage (application of electric current of high frequency). To eliminate brown spots, you can go through the photorejuvenation procedure.

Skin care after 45 years it is recommended to exercise regularly and intensively. Carefully care for your skin will look 10 years younger!

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