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Exchange rate of Euro soared above 80 rubles

Биржевой курс евро взлетел выше 80 рублей

The weakening of the ruble against the background of falling oil prices and comments by the ECB President.

At the evening auction on the Moscow stock exchange, the European currency gained almost four rubles. The dollar also strengthened and rose by almost two dollars — the us currency traded at the level of 71 rubles 89 kopecks.

According to experts, the ruble is losing its position against the background of falling world oil prices. Brent is now trading at around 39 dollars 94 cents per barrel, up almost 3 per cent below the closing level.

Analysts attribute the situation on the market with the emergence of reports about a possible postponement of the summit of the countries-exporters of oil. According to preliminary data, the negotiations were in jeopardy due to the intransigence of Iran. Also the situation is influenced by news from the EU. In particular, the statement of the ECB head Mario Draghi stating that he is not expecting new lows in interest rates to revive the weak Eurozone economy.

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