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Everything new is well forgotten old!

On the Day of Victory over Finland. A shameful war

Все новое - это хорошо забытое старое!

Finland certainly did not count on success in case of a military collision

Anatoly Androsuk

“The Day of Victory over Finland!! But something we don’t celebrate round date – 75 years ago on March 13, 1940 ended the Soviet-Finnish war. Finland lost 11% of its territory with the second largest city Vyborg and the Finnish 430 thousand peace inhabitants were relocated inland. And where is Victory Day!? Why not poslabljaet the exploits of the red Army during the victorious war? Shy?

The causes of war like were initially identified as purely territorial, they say, the border is too close to Leningrad, slide it 90 km, the Finns did not agree. And he opened fire from artillery!!! If you don’t believe in this stuff – read Soviet official note: “on November 26, in 15 hours 45 minutes, our troops stationed on the Karelian isthmus near the Finland border, near the village of Mainila, were suddenly shelled from Finnish territory with artillery fire….”

Utter bullshit. Long before the Finns took their guns away in order not to become a victim of provocation.

Finland certainly did not count on success in case of military collision. In the country at that time reigned pacifist mood. In order to save in Finland since 1927 was not conducted military exercises.

The financing of the army was in steady decline by the Parliament: the threat did not exist, and the Soviet Union signed a long-term non-aggression Pact. Allocated funds are barely enough for the maintenance of the army, and money for the purchase of arms, the Parliament did not allocate. All military industry consisted of three plants; ammunition, powder, and artillery.

Tanks and military aviation Finland did not have. And this would be the country launched military provocations on the border with the most powerful military power??!!


However, at 8 o’clock in the morning on November 30 the troops of the Leningrad military district crossed the border of Finland on the Karelian isthmus and some other areas. On the same day the Soviet air force bombed and shelled with machine guns, Helsinki; in this case, the victims were mostly workers living quarters.

In response to the protests of European diplomats Molotov claimed that Soviet planes dropped on Helsinki bread for hungry people (then the Soviet bomb was called in Finland “Molotov bread baskets”). While a formal Declaration of war never came.

Well, well, move the border from Leningrad is at least a sensible reason.

But why, then, when the Red Army within the first day of the war took first a Finnish settlement – the village of Terijoki, there was immediately created a “people’s government” headed by the Moscow Communist Finn Otto Kuusinen.

This government was immediately recognized by the Soviet Union, and on December 2 in Moscow took place the negotiations between the government “Finnish democratic Republic” headed by Otto Kuusinen and the Soviet government headed by V. Molotov, which was signed the Treaty of mutual assistance and friendship.

The talks were also attended by Stalin, Voroshilov and Zhdanov. Moscow announced that the previous government of Finland fled and, therefore, the country is no longer in charge. The USSR stated at the League of Nations that it will now negotiate only with the new government. Here’s to you!! Here is the room! So they “pushed the limits” at a safe distance!

Further – more. Created By The Finnish People’s Army. To November 26 in the housing 13 there were 405 people, and in February 1940 — 25 thousand soldiers, who wore the national form of such a “national” army was to be replaced in occupation of Finland by the red Army and become a military support “national” government.

“Finns” in caps held in Leningrad parade. Kuusinen announced that they will be given the honor to hoist the red flag over the presidential Palace in Helsinki. (Remember – the purpose of “forced” of the war – just “move the border” from Leningrad!) The Central Committee of the CPSU(b) has developed a manual on creating in the occupied territory of the people’s front. And the soldiers learned a new marching song “Take us Suomi-beauty”:

We come to assist you to deal with

To pay interest for a shame.

Take us Suomi — beauty

In the necklace of clear lakes!

13 December 1939 the Soviet Union as the aggressor country was expelled from the League of Nations. The immediate reason for the exception was the mass protests of the international community about the systematic bombing by Soviet aviation civilian objects, including with use of incendiary bombs.

When it became clear that the war was prolonged, and the Finnish nation does not support the puppet government of Kuusinen, pushed into the shadows and no longer mentioned it. Frank’s gamble failed. I had to make peace with the legitimate government of Finland. No Parallels! God forbid! Not suggesting anything. Only a hundred times proven facts and accurate quotes”.

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