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Every third Ukrainian is ready to die?

Каждый третий украинец готов умереть?

Kiev continues to heat up in the society of military hysteria

Almost a third of Ukrainians want to continue the so-called “anti-terrorist operation” in the East until the bitter end. It was found out during poll the future of the Donbass, who organized the “independence” of the national sociological Razumkov Center.

A similar study, incidentally, was held exactly a year ago — in March 2015. And then the proportion of those who advocated the restoration of control over Donbass by force, amounted to 32.8%, reminiscent of the broadcasting company “Zvezda”.

The new data are not too different. Today I want to fight with 29.9% of respondents — essentially the same one third of the population. Despite the fact that those who support the special status of DND and LNR (if you believe the published numbers), for the year decreased by 8% (up from 30.6 per cent, now at 22.6%). And the number of those who would like to separate the rebellious Republic, on the contrary, increased from 17.9% to 21.5%. However, supporters of this point of view, most are not right for the residents of Donbass for self-determination. Just afraid of the impact of these republics all over Ukraine and do not want to spend on their maintenance money from the state budget.

But the main thing — why the third part of Ukrainians again choose war? Surely after all these terrible “boiler” — Izvarinskij, Ilovaisk, Debaltsevo — “independence” there are still people who believe that Donbass can be overcome with a little blood?

To comment on this persistent militaristic sunk into the Ukrainian society “SP” were asked of the Kiev historian and publicist Alexander Carevin:

— I carefully would apply to data that are published by the Ukrainian sociological service, the Razumkov Center. They will draw all kinds of numbers, what they’ll order. This is the first.

Second. Military men, they, as a rule, most of the militarists sofa. They are not ready to fight. Their attitude is “the way others go, fighting. And we here at the rear, will raise morale”.

I think if everyone who supports the continuation of the so-called “ATO”, to put in the troop train and sent to the front, the militaristic fervor of many, probably, diminished.

At the same time, let’s still consider the Ukrainian propaganda that mesmerizes the population. Those “boilers” presented here not as a shameful defeat and incompetence of command. But as a heroic victory. We are here every day to report: o eliminated the “separatists” and “Russian mercenaries”. Every day…

It is clear that this is nonsense. I, at least, understandable. But many believe in it. That is how the TV will tune them, so they will continue to speak out and to vote.

The question is not on these poor people. Question to those in charge of propaganda. This zaborici who holds in his hands.

“SP”: — But we live in the age of information technology. Turn off the TV, in the end, turn to the Internet. After all, it is always possible to get to the truth or at least hear an alternative point of view. Isn’t that right?

— Of course. And many people do — looking for the truth. And they, as a rule, not zombified. But, unfortunately, a minority of the population. The rest… Someone can be that lazy. Someone just isn’t able to access the Internet. Or not enough time. So TV is still a very effective means of indoctrination.

“SP”: — In the same poll, by the way, more than 70% of the participants described Russia as “aggressor country” and a party to the conflict in the Donbass. Return the position at 12%, and about 18% of the responses were avoided. This is also the result of propaganda?

Is today the main installation, you work all the Ukrainian media. But if suddenly the situation changes, and control the media will pass into other hands, who will work in the opposite direction just as quickly the mood will change on opposite. Set up, configure otherwise. Well, the mentality. Affected people are such zombies. Similarly they are subject to decemberadio when there are conditions for this to hold databasevalue.

“SP”: — so Far it’s a rhetorical question. Although people can clearly see what constitutes the current government. And this course most of the throat. But anti-Russian hysteria continues…

They just expect that others will come leaders. But, in fact, will come the same — if not worse. But people don’t understand it. They warned: “Russia is the enemy”. And that’s it. Put them in the frame. As in Vysotsky’s song “wolf Hunting”: the check box here, a box there. And here in this narrow corridor, people rushing about… And they cannot escape. You can, of course, here to talk about some — excuse me — intellectual underdevelopment… But it is rather a tragedy for the nation.

Here people are not to blame. Blame those who are in authority who has the ability to turn people way. We had five presidents in only twenty-five years of independence. And no normal. It’s probably saying something.

The Chairman of the Committee of the government of Novorossia, Vladimir Rogov also skeptical about the objectivity of the study:

All sociologists in Ukraine, or those who call themselves sociologists, admit from twenty to fifty percent of the potential respondents simply refuse to participate in such surveys. People are afraid to Express their opinion. And can assume practically with absolute probability — those who refused have an opinion different from the official, which is pumped through a powerful propaganda machine.

So not the fact that everyone who supports the so-called “ATO”, in fact, think so. If it were that, served as sociologists, we wouldn’t have problems with mobilization. There would be problems with the signing of military contracts. But, for example, in Zaporozhye under the plan of eight hundred people barely scored a little more than three hundred who are willing to serve under contract. Even at rather favorable financial conditions.

“SP”: — Then who are these interested persons to do some fighting?

— Most often a desire to fight to Express people who earn this in the literal sense. Those who are on someone else’s blood gets any political or economic dividends. And those who definitely will not fight because are in the “sofa troops”.

So I would cast doubt on the immutability of the numbers of supporters continuing the war in the Donbass. According to the information I have, related to the “anti-terrorist operation” in the regions controlled by Kiev, is changing. Wanting to climb into the trenches. And such sentiments are common not only in Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Odessa — ethnic cities of Novorossiya. But for Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil.

“SP”: — How do you explain this?

— Now much more popular is the thesis of internal occupation. What here Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, and the rest are representatives of self-occupation and does not give the Ukrainian people to manifest itself in all its glory.

By the way, consider those who are opponents of the coup. And those whose sympathies lie with the far right neo-Nazis.

Today on the walls — be it in Kyiv, Lviv or Kharkiv, you can already see the portraits of Poroshenko with simulated red dot sight on his forehead. Absolutely similar to those that began to appear shortly before the coup. Only then the President was Yanukovych.

The degree of confidence today to the power in Ukraine is minimal. And that you led into battle by those who don’t believe you — it’s just schizophrenia.

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