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Europe, which we have lost

Dmitry Lekuk

Peninsula in the far West of the giant Eurasian continent, accustomed to its “individually” and “exclusivity” will never be the same island of peace, stability and cultural well-being, a kind of “eye of the storm” in the center, careening over the world geopolitical terrible cyclones.

Европа, которую мы потеряли

And the Belgian terrorist attacks here is not the final diagnosis of the disease, but a symptom.

Then most importantly: no matter how the events unfolded, former European way of life no longer exists. And not because it blew up in Brussels some evil Arab.

Let’s say it was not “Arab” at all, and not Muslim: same Andreas Breivik, no less people put. And what has changed from the fact that he’s white?

If Europe began to “reformat” terrorist acts, it would have started to reformat the transatlantic allies with its “Euro-Atlantic partnership”. They, you know, overreacting and seriously in need of food, but in the third world to plunder anymore very much, and the Russian Federation and people’s Republic of China reason with him to do not give.

As the European economy, post-war overgrown with fat, too tidbit to her so someone gave quietly and freely to feel — especially if she has no own “vertical of power,” keen to protect their own interests of power structures and as a result — political sovereignty.

Wealth, you see, is not absolutely unattended.

What is important is that Europe not destroy any external forces. It quite successfully reduces its subjective status itself.

A modern European power in the face of European bureaucracy is not based on any of the actual European, the sovereign, the driving political forces. Moreover, power in modern Europe are not even elected — and, therefore, the population does not even have control mechanisms by European bureaucrats.

They are more or less controlled by only nurtured their technologists from Washington, and even then not directly. The European bureaucracy is, in fact, absolute “thing in itself”, which, however, more and no one to lean on. The population doesn’t vote for her, her own army (and those that have been preserved in the “national States” is so integrated into NATO, it is a phenomenon rather stagy). Other structures too, shall we say, not a fountain that the recent terrorist attacks, first in France and now in the capital of the EU only strictly emphasize. And economic power and concentrated wealth is enormous.

The onset of the great turmoil and news from the outside for such a strange phenomenon, as the current EU – only.

And here not so important, what it is, this is Europe, reformatted in the future: perhaps it will be a hard TRANS-European Empire, perhaps grouping smoothly their impoverished semi-colonies of the “Shining-city-on-the-Hill”, perhaps a conglomerate of strong and perhaps even warring national States.

Another thing is important here: the “strong, free, calm, relaxed, well-fed and very attractive” Europe definitely will not. And in a very short time.

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