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Europe swung to our sovereignty

Европа замахнулась на наш суверенитет


Dreaming! The CE ruled that the Russian law on the constitutional court of Russia is incompatible with the international obligations of the Russian Federation.

They proposed to make a number of amendments that will make decisions of any international court priority over our own Constitution. Simple and tasteful! In fact, we again offer to voluntarily enter a state of external control. Such amendments threaten Russia with total disregard of the aspirations and wishes of citizens in favor of Western notions of world order.

In addition to the International court of justice that deals with resolving disputes between States, this category includes and the ECHR, ILO administrative Tribunal, the Nuremberg Tribunal and the European Court of justice.

In addition to the UN Tribunal for all other courts decide disputes between organizations and government, but mostly between individuals and the state. All this would be good, but most of them operates on the legal precedents of the EU, their legal right and not accept anything else. To call them universal is very difficult. No special rules, laws, or procedural changes based on that is not globally accepted European law, to do no one is going. The reality of these courts is that their rule – new way of colonization of global space. In fact, the spread of Western jurisdiction across countries without considering local laws and traditions. It is a way to impose on another country its decisions without taking into account its interests.

Suffice it to say that the ECHR shall elect the parliamentary Assembly of Europe. The one that easily and naturally deprived Russia of voting, simply deciding not to listen to us about the Crimea, Donbass and Syria. They didn’t like our position. They want to dictate, not discuss. The authority now considers himself the ultimate truth. It is not surprising that the court is very politicized organization that cares rather about the spread of Western law, than the right of people to fair and humane solution. If you consider that enter into the composition of the court, only members of the EU.

The question arises: why the EU should judge all the others. Their Lord had appointed the judges? To say that it’s dangerous, then, to underestimate the situation. All the power of the state, all its Executive and judicial system begins to work to destroy their own interests in the name of the solution, for example, the ECHR. And this court is guided only by their own perceptions and interests of Brussels.

What are the implications? It is obvious: the suicide of sovereignty. This decision will compel us to pay money to the thief and murderer Khodorkovsky, but would not oblige the US to return to our stolen and convicted citizens will be obliged to recognize the separatists of Donbas residents, but will not force Europe to deal with complaints from residents of the region to genocide from Kiev and many other things.

In fact, the COE adopted a decision which obliges us to voluntarily make themselves disenfranchised colony of the West.

The first thought to refuse, but it is not so easy. It is hoped that our thought and power structures can limit the involvement of third countries in the Affairs of our country by legal means.

We have to decide how we shall live: on conventions and treaties that do not apply in full even if their creators or by their own laws, formed in the process of formation of the Russian state.

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