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Elec in spring

River fishing is perceived by many anglers very ambiguous. Strong current, “dancing” meter from one meter depth, the extremely uneven distribution of fish, the need to use very specific gear and fishing methods — these and many other features predispose the majority of anglers in the direction of calm, standing lakes, and reservoirs.

In lakes fishing easier and more intuitive. However, those who understand the subtleties and nuances of river fishing, have radically changed their point of view: river fishing is much more emotional, interesting and varied. Take, for example, the species composition of the fish: to the familiar “lake” types, we can safely add IDE, Chub and Dace — all these fans of fast currents is caught on float tackle and have actively resisted during playing.

Where to find it?

Dace — a small fish of the carp family, which is a desired trophy of most fishermen rivermen. Large Dace has a strong resistance and their fighting qualities very close to Chub, with which it shares habitat. In summer, this fish the river diverges and becomes fearful and cautious, making neither of which targeted fishing can not speak, however, right now, late spring, Dace still kept numerous flocks, and is caught on the Bologna tackle.
The main task facing the angler — to find a place where is kept a flock of fish, because even now Dace is distributed very unevenly. First and foremost, attention should be paid to areas of the river with quite strong current and rocky or sandy-rocky bottom. The depth is usually less than 1.5-2 metres, and therefore requires from the angler needs a degree of disguise and the ability skillfully to the ropes.

Some of the best sites for catching Dace are considered to be extensive sand bars bordering the Seine estuary depth of the river. They can be formed in different ways: some braids are a continuation of the sandy Islands and capes, others appear due to sediment sand flowing into the river streams and small rivers, others occur due to a variety of storm water and the murky flood waters. The result is always the same: in the river appears elongated wedge-shaped sand spit, repeating its shape, the direction of the river flow. It is in these places and you should search the fish.

Tackle and equipment

Because sand bars can be as in the coastal zone of the river, and be located at a sufficient distance from the shore, is not always possible to fish with the help of luffing tackle. For this reason, the most versatile tackle to skip the snap right where you need them the angler, is a classic Bolognese rod. Preference will be given to models with a length of 6-7 meters, and only when fishing on small rivers, whose shores are overgrown with bushes and trees should be limited to 4-5 meter in length. A match it is chosen and spinning reel: 2000-2500 should be limited in size, so as not to disrupt the overall balance of the tackle when fishing.

Fishing for Dace involves the implementation of controlled transactions and delay the progress of the snap close to promising places. Then the snap-in should not rise to the upper water layers, but because the float used for fishing must be enough lifting. 4-6 grams is the most commonly used weight of equipment, ogruzka which is concentrated in a single massive olives, stopredeye small pellet — shepherd. The leash is also used quite long, up to half a meter. This length is needed to maximize the natural flow of the bait during a controlled transaction: snap-in, slowly skipped on over vnatyag, and bait on a long leash freely and naturally sways in the bottom layer flow, thus attracting the attention of fish.

To catch that?

Bait when fishing for Dace is almost never used. Instead, in a process of active search of fish and fishing in promising areas. For this reason, much more attention should be paid to the bait used for catching Dace. Widely used in spring Joker “shoots” is not always: very often the Dace prefers large manure worm, dragging across the bottom. Rescues and Shitik: the caddis larva is particularly fond of large Dace, and do not disdain it IDE, Chub and roach. It is for this reason that before going on the river, do not be lazy and type in a nearby stream a handful Shitikov. Who knows, perhaps they will provide a stable biting fish today?

We should not forget about vegetable tips: contrary to popular belief, they work well in cold water. We are talking about the manna mash, steamed barley, and canned corn. The last two attachments are experienced anglers and used as a makeshift bait, tossing a few grains of upstream, before you make another post snap.

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