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El Murid: the strange death of Lesina

Эль - Мюрид: странная смерть Лесина

Some very curious details begin to emerge about the death of the former Minister of information Lesin, which is very unclear and allegedly of a heart attack died in the States last November. All the plot – stealing the current elite in Russia, but to die is going home, to the West. To a new Homeland.

Now with the death of Lesina’s a little awkward. Just RIA Novosti reported data that was read sudmedekspertizy: Lessin died of blunt impact to the head. A heart attack is very peculiar.

Before that just a few hours knowing a lot of details still life Lesina co-owner of the publishing house “Russian Germany” Boris Feldman said that the death of Yassin – it is dark in the sense that it can be very much alive.

It seems that we see what you don’t understand it. Lessin knew very much, being one of the most close to the Family people. He was accompanied by the first, second and subsequent steps of Putin on the current field and saw inside a lot of what outsiders eyes to see not supposed. Given the fact that all of today’s Russia is built on a total lie about everything is a product of media technologies abolmasova and manipulation, Lesin, as the Creator of this product – one of the few who could (and possibly can) to shed light on a lot of details.

Does the death (or Vice versa, taking under protection) Lesina running West mechanism for the overthrow of Putin is unknown. But such informed person in this event was very important and useful.

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