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Drunken farmers on the Porsche blew the trash and seven cars in Krasnodar

Пьяный хуторянин на Porsche разнес помойку и семь машин в Краснодаре
A resident of the village Bednyagin (Krasnodar territory) has not lost control of a Porsche and crashed into seven parked cars and a few trash cans in the administrative center of the region, said the publication “Living Kuban”.
In the incident that occurred on the evening of Monday, March 14, suffered 30-the summer passenger of the Porsche. He suffered a broken femur bone and was hospitalized.
The alcohol content in blood, 28-year-old driver was 0.5 ppm. The man was drawn up a Protocol on administrative violation. Thus, according to the publication, Porsche did not belong to the offender and his relatives. However, he had at itself the documents confirming the right to drive the car.
It clarifies the TV channel “Kuban 24”, first Porsche Cayenne crashed into a Skoda Fabia and Lexus, and then bounced into parked next to a Nissan Teana. Then he also damaged a BMW, VAZ-2112 and Mercedes. In addition, damaged Honda car, said DPS.
On Monday, President Vladimir Putin called for tougher responsibility for violation of traffic rules. “I believe a key challenge the culture of driving is strict enforcement of traffic rules and following the norms of competent, friendly behavior on the roads, understanding and responsibility for their lives, and the lives of their loved ones, for the safety of other road users,” — said the head of state.

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