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Doctors told, what determines the healing process

Медики рассказали, от чего зависит процесс заживления ранResearch Medical school of the University of Washington.

Medical school of Washington University found: if the body lacks two proteins, the wounds don’t heal properly. This discovery is important not only for patients with chronic wounds, but also for those who have observed anomalous growth of blood vessels (as in macular degeneration).

So the focus was a group of protein growth factors of fibroblasts (FRB). It is a signaling molecule involved in many processes at the stage of fetal development, while maintaining stability of the tissues and tightening wounds. They interact with specific molecules-receptors located on the surface of many cells.

When the body is injured, starts the regeneration process, involving the growth of new blood vessels. As the cells lining the inner part of blood vessels, and blood cells are important for this process, scientists decided to test what would happen if “disable” proteins FGFR1 and FGFR2 are the principal transmitters of signals FRB, present in cells lining blood vessels.

In the end, when it did in mice, the animals continued to look perfectly normal. But in trauma at the site of damage formed fewer blood vessels and it happens slowly. That is, the mice bad been recovered. In the eyes, e.g.

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