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What is happening in the world, little satisfied with the West. Already whole Nations, dozens of institutions, thousands of “correct” politicians and scientists created and designed, for rubbing Russian under the skin of the “truth”, helpless shrug. The Russians categorically do not trust them.

Again the question arises: “Why Russians don’t believe?”

I must say that don’t believe the world’s political machine not only Russians but other countries and peoples inhabiting the peoples in the territories of the former Soviet republics and by the way not only them. Here’s how not to doubt. Something everyone hates American ideology, not only indicates that the consolidated West lie, but also that the whole world understands it now. In General, everything depends on the truth, or rather in its absence.

Let’s look at the situation. Here we see the information discharge with offshore companies and immediately clamored in these countries, the citizens. However, in Russia this did not cause any excitement. Actually the West is in shock.

You need to understand that concocted the lime actually made in the style of aggressive propaganda, I’m not accusing anyone of fascism, but only in the borrowing of technologies of propaganda used and defined in certain terms. Remember Joseph Goebbels: “a Lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth”.

That is, the West was about to plunge Russia into shock, that this most recent surge of information regarding the “friends of Putin” and their participation in the offshore. But actually now as already mentioned above, the West now sits with. view and asks himself: “what was that?”. That is, everything seemed to be made carefully. The mass of the exposures was observed. And no reaction!

The whole world was presented to the high figures one way or another connected with offshore companies. Cameron’s late father, as it turned out, was also linked to these offshore companies. The opening mass of negativity is impressive, the Russians had to believe everything, but they stubbornly refuse to believe the West. Occurs for the hundredth time, why? Why the Russians are so stubbornly believe in their President? Damn them and him got into a fight!

Here it is necessary to talk about what, in fact, this is a information discharge, it is the journalistic investigation. Do you need to say who actually pays for all this show? Of course, in the arena all the same — the Soros Foundation and others. Here already and do not need to explain. Russian and the second word is not necessary.

How much do you think to put in a basket with mushrooms pale toadstool or the fly agaric? How long you meditate, if you see a Viper, and in the hands of you will stick? Would you hesitate, if you have a gun and you’ve got a man with a knife in his hand? So why Russian people (and non-Russian, too), should allow for in your soul the dope and poison. So the reaction to the fosterling Soros is a natural reaction of rejection, I would even say vomiting for poisoning information.

Then there are abuses no one denies, but in the fact of participation of Putin in all of this no one believes. How to believe? Think of a time when everyone said the banker Pugachev has Putin’s money. Now Pugachev in the West hiding. Putin did not regret for the abuse and excuses do no one will. In addition, Putin’s money in the Bank Pugacheva turned out to be another fake. Who’s there to trust? Certainly not the West.

Now you need to think about some of the things that sharpen this exposure as the Mosley of old cows. Somehow those who sewed the cow, and they shoved these in her his bones. If you want to understand what was the purpose of the creators of this duty, and generally misinformation? In order to understand this, we need to estimate some fact which is itself very eloquent. Some absolutely fantastic, I could not find in the information spreading any American names.

Is it possible? Interestingly, in Swiss Bank accounts full of names of Americans who wanted to hide their money and not pay taxes. What is the probability in this case that Americans don’t have offshore? Yeah disastrously low, but they are not there. So, we are dealing with a chop, which was cooked for us Soros. Do we have to poison yourself?

The next question is about the same, but already on Russian territory. We are told that there are some “friends of Putin” who manage the assets amount to $ 2 billion. But we were told that Putin has 40 billion dollars. Where they the same money? Yes nowhere. Their never was, it was another, maybe hundredth already on the account lies. If the slit 11 terabytes of information, and there is no word about Putin, it is certain that this money is not, and never was. Time to get out will not succeed. This is the main negative point for the organizers of this stuffing. Now the Russians realize that Putin did not steal the money and hid it.

There is one thing that Russians just instinctively smell, that’s exactly at the level of the people. Consider this argument, and you will agree with me. How is the study there is no name of Chubais? Who can even for one second imagine that Chubais is not offshore? Well, at least a little, even the long unsold, at least 10 billion. Yes, of course, Chubais is full of them! It is in these offshore zones like a bitch in fleas. But here’s the thing.

Red penguin is the character that is better not to touch. As you know, it since 2008 is a member of the international Advisory Board of the Bank, and he is on Advisory Board (global board of advancers) at Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) (12 October 2012) as an expert on Economics and scientific-industrial potential of Russia. That is, information about Russia, he brings directly to the office of the Rockefeller Foundation, which has a special training program, how profitable to sell home.

Now, if someone uncovered a Red Penguin, we believe the surge would be much faster, but to take such a shape does not have a goal of stuffing. Chubais for them. They’re not themselves seek to harm, and Russia. Therefore, Chubais will live, together with my Avdotya.

It is also interesting that in the investigation we don’t need to know about the activities of Mr. Berezovsky. Surely he has no ofchoice? Well, who would believe it? Only penguins in Antarctica… and then only if they are Red Penguin that you will whisper. You can certainly tell that Berezovsky deceased and the deceased seems to be not necessary. And about Cameron’s father mean? But he’s too late! What’s the difference? About one can and the other cannot. Can we trust such “exposure”.

Russia many times tried to contain. A good brand means everything, and don’t think that it is a single throw, there are going to be very much. Obama, and all the others like Breedlove, is constantly referred to Russia as an enemy of the United States. Why someone had the idea that the enemy has other goals except misinformation. Remember what happened in the last, say, 15 years. Russia has become much stronger, and the influence of the West constantly shrinking.

Remember how Russia tried to put it on its knees by blocking payments through credit and debit cards. Now Russia has its own payment system. Leverage on Russia is becoming less, and the possibility of Russia becoming more.

Just a week ago, we talked about the fact that against Russia will be used either “misinformation” or a distraction, like nuclear disarmament. So we thought, because we heard rumours about certain people.

We chose two of the most powerful cards of the West, and now, as you can see, they played both. The West began to use all their reserves against Russia, throwing them into the battle packs. More from the West against Russia nothing, and as the Russians didn’t believe in all this bullshit and don’t believe.

Now the West has only one and the last argument of the main fire, it “Reset” and the bearer of this instrument breaks into the White house. However, there is some doubt about the success of the enterprise. The Russians will listen to, while they’re interested, but when the action starts again the wiring, the Kremlin will begin to send, exactly as it was before.

West your narrow-minded bullshit for a long time, possibly for tens of years have taught the Russians not to trust himself. It is a worldwide and fatal distrust, however, the Russians at this time, it seems, have learned pragmatics. Here we will listen, but it you keep it. So the chances of a new reboot yet.


Author: Michael Evergreen

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