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Died developer of systems of volley fire “Grad” and “Smerch”

Умер разработчик систем залпового огня "Град" и "Смерч"

In the Tula region on 85-m to year of life died the developer of reactive systems of volley fire “Grad”, “Uragan” and “Smerch” Gennady Denezhkin. The message about the death of the designer posted on Saturday, February 13th, on the website of the government of the region.

“Developments and inventions in the field of armaments and military equipment Gennady has made an enormous contribution to the forward development of the Tula military-industrial complex, strengthening of the defense capability of the country. Created with the invaluable participation of reactive systems of volley fire as a shield of the frontiers of the Motherland”, — noted in the regional government.

The author of over 300 scientific works and inventions he worked at the Tula enterprise “the Alloy”. For the contribution to strengthening of defensibility of the state was awarded two orders of Lenin, the order “For merits before Fatherland” III degrees and many medals.

Reactive system of volley fire “Tornado”, developed in the first half of 1980-ies, was adopted in 1987. The creation of the system was developed by specialists of TOLGONAY (now “Fusion”).

The range of “Tornado” in a modified version is 120 miles away. Depending on the modification, the system can be equipped with four, six or 12 rails for rockets caliber 300 mm. In the calculation of one fighting machine consists of three people. For a full volley of 12 rockets “Smerch” is not more than 40 seconds, after which the system three minutes can coagulate and to leave the position. Rocket “Tornado” can be equipped with cluster warheads with shrapnel, samobrazovaniya cumulative or cumulative-shrapnel submunitions and monobloc high-explosive and thermobaric parts. In addition, the “Tornado” is suitable for remote mining areas or launch a reconnaissance drone. Currently, the Ministry of defense of Russia under the state program of armaments for 2011-2020 pursues the purchase of new MLRS “Tornado-C” caliber of 300 millimeters. They differ from the “Tornado” new chassis, harmonized with the MRLS of other calibers, and improved ammunition.

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