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Die Zeit: on the “slowpoke from Washington” and “man-action from Moscow”

Wow what Vladimir Putin has brought Europe – the Germans publicly questioned the effectiveness of democratic life, for which they themselves stand up so hard!

Ah, Yes Putin, Ah Yes son of a bitch! If all things go well, then he cannot be a GREAT REFORMER of the lifestyle of the Western world… )))

The German newspaper Die Zeit just did with undisguised admiration to speculate about the fact that Putin has taught the West a lesson, showing what speed you need to make foreign policy decisions. According to the German publication, the Russian President his lightning decisions marked a “difference in speed” BETWEEN DEMOCRACY AND AUTOCRACY: in order to intervene in the events in Syria, Barack Obama took “THREE YEARS of REFLECTION AND REVISIONS”, and the head of the Kremlin – THREE HOURS: “Slowpoke from Washington and the man-action from Moscow: Putin has caught the American superpower”.Die Zeit: о «тугодуме из Вашингтона» и «человеке-действия из Москвы»Entangled, do not say anything! But I would for its part also add, if the “American superpower” run those Fuckers like Obama, so she has long ceased to be such…

The Syrian crisis showed that Western States were sluggish because don’t know what they want, continues the publication: “For the opposition or against it, without Assad or little with him – so what?”. Democrats are asking questions, are autocrats. They know what they want.

Answering the question about what the Democrats can oppose Putin’s strategy of acceleration, Die Zeit claims that they can not lose the trust of their own people. According to the newspaper, the events in Iraq and Afghanistan angered not only the residents of these countries, but the entire Western society by setting people against military action.

And if so, then Western leaders need to move away “to the side and smoke”, while Putin will not run out of energy. Because currently they lack not only a space for action, but also ideas. And who does not have strategy, one has to be in the position to be overtaken.

Reading this, Willy-nilly, think, and do not OUTBID Putin German newspaper? Why bought, You ask? What else? To become wise they could not in so short a time. )))

Therefore, says the publication, it is sometimes better to wait to avoid an open confrontation with the autocrats and not to get them “kicked”. It was precisely in the rush of high-speed policy make mistakes. The war in Ukraine has cost Putin a lot of money that could come in handy in a crisis. Autocrats – “virtuosos quick fix”, but most often they are alien to strategic thinking. Democrats show themselves in a better place. Paradoxically, the answer to the acceleration policy can become predictable – both for the enemy and his allies.

As for me, I place Die Zeit would give Western politicians a different Board, thanks to which they could attain virtuosity and speed with which Putin: ladies and gentlemen, fly jet fighter and strategic bombers (if you have them in stock, of course) or, in extreme cases, hang gliding (a must with white cranes!); dive into the deep sea in a submarine or submersible (scuba diving); get a purebred dog to intimidate their opponents (remember how the GDP to Osyka scared Merkel his Labrador); fond of tigers (in the extreme case, cats); promise to “dunk” their enemies, for example, in the bathroom or in the shower (the place for “fight” in the toilet of GDP has already taken); engage, finally, sports (judo if not, then at least jog!)

And when all of these conditions, it is POSSIBLE (but not a fact!), not what you Putin, and he will begin to fear…

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