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Derusification Ukrainian economy

The pogroms of the Russian enterprises can become a mass phenomenon in “independence”

Дерусификация украинской экономики
Alexey Polybot

Chernihiv nationalists in the categorical form has demanded from the regional authorities to fulfill their demands for an immediate ban of Russian business in the region and Ukraine as a whole. Otherwise, the nationalists disclaim responsibility for “possible manifestations of people’s anger” against Russian enterprises. That is simply threatened by pogroms.

“Immediately to take measures to expedite the deportation of Russian business on the territory of Chernihiv region, to break all agreements with the representatives of Russian companies in the field” — quoted by “Politnavigator” Russian translation of the ultimatum.

The probability that the radicals Chernihiv its threats to execute is large enough. More than once the Kiev authorities actually condone banditry, covered with political slogans. It is possible to remember history with the blocking of Russian trucks in 10 regions of Ukraine, the pogroms of offices of Sberbank in Kiev, with the “extraction” of Russian enterprises, in particular, the Kremenchug oil refinery the oil industry of Tatarstan.

Judging by the fact that the economic situation in Ukraine worsens, expect that these stories will be more. How to respond Russia?

— Our entrepreneurs who have business in Ukraine, must understand that their work there is not without risk, — says Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Zharikhin.

In the web you can find information about what the Nazis were brutally murdered two Russian truckers. Maybe it’s a fake. But in light of what is happening in Ukraine in such information one can believe. On the other hand, what do you think those private owners of trucks that send them through Ukraine? There are workarounds, but they risk the lives of their workers to save.

Or another example: why Russian banks continue to operate in Ukraine, but are hesitant to begin work in the Crimea? I’m afraid that they will not be allowed to work in Ukraine, and they will lose in income?

Turns out our business, including the state, because the same “savings” cannot be attributed to private enterprises, demonstrates the fundamental repatriations and apolitical.

The question arises, why should the government support business, which would not even want to worry about the safety of their employees?

“SP”: — Which means “anxiety” do you offer? Just bringing the business from Ukraine?

— Yes, to withdraw business from Ukraine. Someone that I really do not want to hire a security company in Ukraine. To some bandits, dressed in uniforms, protecting them from other bandits with nationalist beliefs.

We love to wail: “Oh, poor so our business is suffering in Ukraine.” But if he is poor, let him leave from there, and if not poor, as I have already said, to protect themselves for the sake of income.

“SP”: — In your opinion, we have to answer symmetrically, pushing Ukrainian business from Russia?

— I believe that the Ukrainian business, especially those possessed by the openly disloyal to the Russian oligarchs, who long ago should have been deported from the country. I don’t understand why for two years we employ of the company, whose owner Petro Poroshenko called Russia an aggressor, the main threat to “independence”?

Rather, companies need to work on, but they should not belong to the person with such views. Why Ukrainian “daughter” of Russian banks was evacuated from the Crimea and refuse to pay the depositors their money? But they refuse collectors on those customers that took their loans. This is how to understand?

“SP”: — How severe will the consequences be for Russia and Ukraine, if the level of economic relations will be closer to zero?

— Of course, the more hurt Ukraine. If Russia’s exports to Ukraine amounted to about 2-3 percent of total turnover, the Ukrainian in Russia — almost half.

If you compare, say, the number of Ukrainian businesses in Russia and Russian in Ukraine, we can speak of approximate equality. But again for Russian business in General is a very small percentage, but for Ukrainian — is very significant.

“SP”: — With the current policy of the Kiev authorities it is logical to assume that economic ties between the two countries will be interrupted further. What to expect in Kiev, if they have made sure that Ukrainian goods in the EU and in other countries do not need?

— Think not about how to bring the economy out of the crisis, and to do exactly as ordered in Washington. Therefore, the reasons of domestic properties for them are not basic. More important, it would allow external control.

“SP”: — is it Possible to say that foreign managers are interested in destroying the Ukrainian economy?

— They are not my priority. Their main goal is to complicate the life of Russia. The fate of Ukraine but all they care about in this regard. As a result, if the current course of the government in Kiev will remain for some number of years, Ukraine will turn into kind of a big agricultural the Baltic States. A significant portion of the urban population will lose the opportunity to work in intellectual and industrial fields. Jobs for people with higher education will be less. And these people will go to work in Europe for low-skilled work. What do citizens of the Baltic countries, whose population is gradually decreasing.

— Chernihiv nationalists, at least, uses local business, — said General Director of the Institute for regional problems Dmitry Zhuravlev.

— I think that the story of mass detentions of Russian trucks has been agreed with the Central Kiev government, and in Chernihiv, most likely, everything will be decided at the local level. Chernihiv business is not against to oust competitors under political slogans.

“SP”: — As same as we protect your business?

— I think we generally have little to curtail their business in Ukraine. With me many will disagree, I will say that this business — at least some leverage to influence Ukraine’s internal Affairs. But this lever will break soon. After some time, the Ukrainians have no one to Rob except us. The economy in Ukraine is falling. But such an economy needs someone “is”. Normal European business will not go there. And the one that will leave, on exceptional basis and under an absolute guarantee personally by the President Peter Poroshenko that it is no business there can’t hurt.

Therefore, if current conditions persist (and, unfortunately, nothing says that it will change), our business in Ukraine will be “pressing” if the need arises, because there is nothing else to do will not stay.

“SP”: — why do we set ourselves so that Ukraine are not afraid of a symmetric response with respect to Ukrainian business in Russia?

— “And have something for sho”. All as a joke. Ukrainians sincerely believe that they have the right to act illegally, and the Russians — no. As soon as Russia takes any retaliatory economic sanctions, Kiev immediately knocking on all the courts of the world. However, their terribly surprised when we do the same thing.

“SP”: — can we turn to squeeze out the Ukrainian business from Russia?

To solve the country’s political leadership. In my opinion, Ukrainian business is not needed here because he, somehow, can maintain destructive forces in Russia itself. The question is not “vengeance”, and basic security. Because Ukrainian entrepreneurs, perhaps even against their will strongly advise in Kiev to do it.

“SP”: — What will happen to the Ukrainian economy, if we squeeze the Ukrainian business from Russia?

— The prospects are, frankly, unenviable. Russia is the only country in the world, which in principle are willing to buy industrial products of Ukraine. Yes, perhaps, and agricultural products too, because the world is a clear overproduction in this field.

Ukrainian industry was created as part of the all-Union, primarily Russian. Now “left leg” economy of the USSR cannot take and adhere to “European body.” Of course, we can all break down and build anew, but who will give this money to Ukraine?

Therefore, Kiev has two options: either to change the political course and to begin to develop closer ties with Russia, Ukraine, as an industrial state, will not remain.

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