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Department of state: Russia’s actions are a threat to world order

Госдеп: действия РФ несут угрозу мировому порядку

Tom Malinowski, assistant Secretary of the United States, as well as the head of the Bureau on democracy and human rights, made a statement about the existence of “international consensus” that some recent actions of the Russian Federation carry a significant threat to the entire world order.

As noted by Malinowski, the existence of such a prosperous and powerful country as Russia that recognizes the rule of law, respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbors and making a positive contribution to world Affairs, meets all the interests of the world community. However, currently the Russian Federation does not play such a role.

The thing is, Malinovsky believes that Russia’s decision in recent years to threaten international law. And on this account the world there is a broad international consensus. Assistant Hosaka explained that as an example of such actions of the Russian Federation to bring Russian military intervention in Ukraine. It was recorded in a resolution of the UN General Assembly condemning the occupation and attempted annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, added Tom Malinowski.

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