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Defexpo 2016: in Goa bloom “Chrysanthemum” and “willow”

Defexpo 2016: в Гоа расцвели "Хризантемы" и "Верба"

On the Indian Goa bloom “Chrysanthemum” and “willow”. Not flowers, of course, not plants, and weapons are Russian. In Goa these days, an exhibition Defexpo 2016. The Russian stands special attention — and this despite the sanctions. How many signed deals, and in what amounts?

On the shores of Goa Russia came from “the Chrysanthemums” and “Willow”. This, of course, an allegory. Only one “willow” now weighs 18 pounds — this portable anti-aircraft missile system. And “Chrysanthemum” — a complex of anti-tank.

In India completed exhibition overland and military-sea arms Defexpo 2016. All around was heard Russian speech. The exhibition in India, Russia landed a record landing. Came representatives from 60 defense companies, which brought 800 aircraft. This is the first international exhibition after the Russian VKS counter-terrorism operations in Syria, which, of course, fueled the global interest in our military equipment. And although the show does not air, winged layout of our “su” and attracted like a magnet to visitors.

– You know, what is this plane?
– “It’s “Dry”! We saw him on the news on TV. Very good fighting machine. The aircraft used by the army.

“Dry” is not the only machines that are in service in India. “Strategic partner” — so this country is called in the Rosoboronexport. In General, the portfolio is India — in second place. And just last year Rosoboronexport from foreign partners received orders to 25.5 billion dollars — a record. “What about sanctions?” — begs the question.

“They have not worked. Not to say that they didn’t complicate the process — we had difficulties, but of a technical nature. The results speak for themselves. The more sanctions, the more fueled by the interest in our defense industry,” — said the Deputy General Director of “Rosoboronexport” Sergei Goreslavsky.

Holding “Helicopters of Russia” on Defexpo — debutant, but all from the same Syrian stories viewers remember and these machines. In India alone in the Park today 400 of our helicopters.

“I want to show You the KA-226T. This is the car! We hold weekly lead with India, the negotiations on these machines. The Minister of defence, when they came to our booth, asked yesterday about only one thing: let’s aside all the formalities! Let’s quickly proceed to supply us with these helicopters!” — says the Deputy General Director of holding Igor Chichikov.

To “Uralvagonzavod” the best advertising has been the emergence of a Network video on which armor the T-90 survived hits by ATGM Tow. But to show concern and brought new.

“For the first time on a foreign exhibition demonstrates unique tank complex of remote detonation high explosive projectiles with model 125-mm tank shot”, — said the Director for military-technical cooperation “Uralvagonzavod” Igor Kulikov.

“Almaz-Antey” is known to the world for its anti-aircraft missile systems s-400, but his “Owl” in light of recent terrorist attacks in Europe makes potential buyers a lot more interest.

“It’s something that allows you to monitor the status of borders, light mobile plant, very popular”, — says Deputy head of the delegation of “Almaz-Antey” Alexander Egorov.

The Ambassador of India in Russia, Pankaj Saran believes that the two countries got to offer the world not just separate installations and complex security system, including the terrorists.

The Defexpo India exhibition was held for the ninth time. The amount of contracts that Russia is preparing to sign, were not disclosed, but almost all of the negotiation — and such rooms was equipped with every stand — queues. To discuss the details of supply of “Willows” and “the Chrysanthemums” foreigners wanted solely face to face.

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