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Defense Ministry: Selective blindness of the Western pravozashitnikov and the media is surprising

The official representative of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation Igor Konashenkov has held a briefing in which commented on the agreement between Moscow and Washington agreement on ceasefire in Syria. The major General also touched upon the recent report of the international human rights organization Amnesty International, once again denied the information about ostensibly non-selectivity of VC Russian airstrikes in Syria.

Минобороны РФ: Избирательная слепота западных правозащитиков и СМИ вызывает удивление

Igor Konashenkov at the briefing said that in accordance with the Russian-American agreements on the airbase Hamim started to work Focal point for the reconciliation of the warring parties in the Syrian Arab Republic. The staff consists of more than 50 people. According to the official representative of the Ministry of defense, the vast majority of Russian officers of conciliation centre have considerable experience in peacekeeping activities under the auspices of the UN and other peacekeeping formats.

All contact center reconciliation of major-General showed to journalists — now they are actively distributed via the Syrian media, on television, radio, through SMS and email, as well as other available channels.

The organization has already started receiving the first treatment. This Konashenkov, did not exclude individual provocations in relation to the activities of the centre and its staff.

The General pointed at the map the areas where work is already under way with representatives of the armed groups. One of the outcomes was the signing of the bid sheets for reconciliation, as happened in the settlement Gavlik.

From Turkey continue to shoot

Separately Igor Konashenkov noted that the fact that achieving the Russian-American agreements, “not all happy”.

“Especially in Northern Syria, where Turkey continued shelling with heavy artillery of the Syrian villages near the border”, — he commented.

The major General also drew attention to the “selective blindness”, which in relation to these attacks demonstrate international human rights organizations and leading Western media.

“This is a major surprise. To say the least,” concluded the official representative of the Russian defense Ministry.

Konashenkov called Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and “Doctors without borders” to give an official assessment of the actions of the Turkish armed forces.

“We need to be more modest and more professional”

In addition, Igor Konashenkov said that on the eve of the military attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow were officially transferred all the contact details of the hotline, as it was envisaged by the Russian-American agreement on the ceasefire in Syria.

“Gone day. So far, no response data, we have not received”, — said the major-General.

Konashenkov suggested that this is due to the statement of the official representative of the Pentagon, Peter cook that the ceasefire in Syria is “a test for the Russian authorities”. He also admitted that cook has a “distorted view of achievements of the Russian-American agreement on the Syrian issue”.

“I would advise Mr. cook to calm down and focus on activities associated with the organization he represents. That is, at the Pentagon. Although, I’m sure, to do this he, unlike the predecessors, without knowledge of military Affairs is not easy. So he seeks to compensate for its failures with a loud bloopers. Should be more modest. Yes and more professional,” concluded the official representative of the Ministry of defense.

Plan B?

At the end of the briefing Konashenkov touched by media reports about the alleged development of the American partners of the Russian Federation replacement plans on Syria “under the code names “B” and other letters of the alphabet”.

“I must say, we are — and moreover, has begun to specific and challenging practical work for reconciliation in Syria. We hope that our American partners instead of letters and words as soon as possible turn to specific cases”, — expressed hope of major-General.

Step from war

Earlier in the week the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has acted with the special statement in which has declared that Moscow and Washington have agreed to end the fighting in Syria between government forces and the opposition, in addition to terrorist organizations.

The truce in Syria will come at midnight on February 27 local time. The forces that intend to lay down their arms, should notify Moscow or Washington before noon on 26 February. In this case neither the Syrian government forces nor VKS RF, no American aviation the coalition will not be taken against them, military action.

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