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Corruption. Road. The government of the Ulyanovsk region laid the broken wheel

Коррупция. Дороги. К правительству Ульяновской области возложили пробитые колеса

This morning on Lenin square in front of the building of the regional government of the Ulyanovsk region there has passed the action “Wheels for Morozova”.
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The event pursued quite a specific goal – to draw the attention of residents of Ulyanovsk and the Ulyanovsk region on the catastrophic state of the roads, as well as to offer the Governor Sergey Morozov to compensate drivers for the damage.

The organizers of the meeting – the local branch of the Communist party headed by the Deputy Alexei SBV chicken – Ulyanovsk invited to bring evidence of the disastrous state of the roads of Ulyanovsk – punctured tires, bent rims, broken shock towers and other components of undercarriage of cars http://ulnovosti.ru/content/6/Kolesa_dlya_Morozova_Pr h_koleso_k_zdaniyu_pravitelstva../.

Spend some quiet painful for the image of Governor Morozov campaign organizers failed. Before it began on Lenin square, there were unknown young people and launched a provocative posters with inscriptions “the Communist party has bought a car for 2 million rubles” and “Chicken, you have not fulfilled any of his promises”.

To the question the young man why he touched the fact expensive car it is a member of the Communist party, he replied: “Well I was hooked it.” To the provocateurs approached Alexey Chicken, asking them in turn what they think about the Ulyanovsk roads. The answer was not long in coming, the latter said that throughout Russia such roads.

– Throughout Russia, the advisers of the Governor taking kickbacks? – asked Chicken. – Arrested in the city of Samara mister Panin requested 18 million to our dead stuff in the road were taken. And we will say that the Governor then in this case is not guilty? It Sokovsky his comrades, this comrade now our road takes kickbacks. He in this system are tied, is corrupt. Governor Morozov of Ulyanovsk region manages and allows you to steal hundreds of millions of rubles. No roads today.

Provocateurs unsuccessfully tried to translate the debate from the problems of roads on investment, and then almost went hand to hand on the Deputy. One of the provocateurs, who started to argue with older women, appeared to be semen Sidorov is a former employee of FMS.

From one of the instigators of a strong smell of alcohol, and the characteristic redness on the face and not quite coherent speech talked about the obvious signs of alcoholic intoxication. After unsuccessful attempts progubernatorskie activists to disrupt the meeting with the Deputy Alexei Kurinamo still managed it .

According to the Deputy, the purpose of today’s action is to draw the attention of the Governor on the condition of the roads in the Ulyanovsk region. “Ulyanovsk region has become a Mecca of dead roads, and do not say that everywhere. Fortunately, no, – said the Deputy of the Chicken. – You can travel outside of the Ulyanovsk region, in neighboring regions – the roads are getting much better, at least, main. Regularly even in the city of Ulyanovsk, about 500 million rubles was spent on repairs. And for anybody not a secret that in a year or two after the road repair is returned in the same condition. Although their warranty period is five years. Here are just shell companies to hold responsible for the warranty then it is impossible. It is our authorities know very well. And the fact that there are corruption schemes, and that here a long time different kinds of the Samara organization carried out this repair, for anybody not a secret. Arrested a former adviser of the Governor, who had been receiving kickback for making roads in the Ulyanovsk region, the allocation of new contracts is a direct evidence of the involvement of those people who sit in this building (regional government) and personally the Governor Morozova to this situation. Therefore, we focus our attention. The Governor is the head of the field, he should be responsible for everything, including the condition of the roads.

It’s not just about stolen and bred on corruption schemes millions of rubles from our budget, which we collect your taxes. We are talking about direct material loss, which suffers a motorist traveling on our roads. In the form of punctured tyres, shock absorbers, bent discs. Therefore we consider the authorities ineffective. Lack of money for provocateurs who appear regularly in my meetings with residents, to PR, at the world Championships, the growth of bureaucratic administration and public relations of the Governor… all of this money is, and to make normal roads, we have no money”.

Alex Hen asked the residents to pass in regional Department of the Communist party addresses, broken roads, and next month the party will go to court with the requirement to oblige persons responsible to undertake the repair. One of the provocateurs – a man in a blue jacket – almost provoked a fight, according to witnesses, he threatened to bite off the head of a young boy from the Communist party.

At the end of the meeting, Ulyanovsk laid the punctured tyre to the entrance of the regional administration.

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