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Concern “tractor plants” will send in a simple 10 thousand employees

Концерн "Тракторные заводы" отправит в простой 10 тысяч работников

Concern “tractor plants” (GTC) will be suspended from 1 to 31 may work almost 10 thousand employees of 25 companies that produce civil products. It comes to the concern’s enterprises in eight Russian regions.

“Anti-crisis measure will help to prevent the outflow of qualified personnel, excessive to meet current production volumes, but are necessary for successful functioning of the enterprises at full load,” says the group.

The suspension of a number of enterprises due to many reasons, including the shortage of circulating assets at the enterprises of the concern, producing civil products. “If we have a solid portfolio of orders for equipment, produced by enterprises of the holding, production has not yet fully provided with raw materials and components,” notes the group.

“Lack of own and debt funds is the reason for underutilisation of production capacity. This entails the introduction of part-time work and is reflected in the salary level of the staff,” said CEO of the concern Mikhail Bolotin.

In addition, the cause of the current situation was “a prolonged consideration of the issue of debt restructuring of the group” in front of the VEB and other banks. “Despite the fact that a positive decision on this issue were adopted in December 2014 – may 2015, and notwithstanding the subsequent instructions of President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the resolution of a problem of concern has not changed till now,” underlines the concern.

For this reason, the group cannot obtain the necessary loans to establish a full-fledged work that “threatens a complete breakdown of not only the current production plans and programmes on the production of civilian goods and the implementation of investment projects on production of import-substituting equipment for agricultural, road-building and municipal purposes”.

According to the head of the Department of personnel optimization of group Svetlana Koledova, may for idle selected because of the long holidays, when “many workers of the holding company in previous years massively took administrative leave”. “Given this fact and the difficult financial circumstances of the concern, the company management has decided to introduce a number of measures aimed at the interests of their employees and retaining key personnel potential of the holding”, – said Koldova.

Thus employees whose work affects the livelihoods of businesses and workers in manufacturing, will continue to work on the production calendar. Payment of idle time will produce according to the labor code in the amount of 2/3 of average salary. The company will continue to maintain the equipment.

The regions of interest concern “in the rapid restoration of stable operation of enterprises and the settlement of payables issues of concern”. “We are in constant contact with the administrations of Russian regions in which we operate. They render us all possible assistance. But for full normalization of the social situation and the recovery of industrial activity of the enterprises of the concern should prompt the adoption of integrated solutions that require the consolidation of actions of the Federal bodies of Executive power and “Vnesheconombank”, – said Bolotin.

Concern “tractor plants” produces military, railroad, agricultural, utility, construction and logging equipment, and spare parts. The group includes about two dozen companies in Russia, Austria, Germany and Denmark.

The concern previously was owned by Mikhail Bolotin and albert Bakova, but came under the control of the web in 2010 With the former owners retained the option to refund their share. The option you want to use in 2017 after repayment of a loan of 15 billion rubles attracted from Vnesheconombank in December 2009

At the end of 2014, VEB took the decision to restructure the debt of the group, and to issue a bridge loan of 20 billion rubles for the redemption of debt from the banks-participants of syndicate, has granted GTC in 2011 a loan of 32 billion rubles.

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