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Communist China scored their goods capitalist Russia

The opinion of “people of color glasses”, that is, outside observers, about socialism with Chinese characteristics in China, anyone interested should not, said the Secretary General of the Communist party of China and head of China XI Jinping.

Коммунистический Китай забивает своими товарами капиталистическую Россию

The top political leadership of the country, he added, does not intend to abandon Marxist ideas, but will adapt them to modern realities. All this was said at the jubilee meeting dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the ruling party of China.

“Marxism is not exactly the truth, but it opens the way to the truth. Deviating or abandoning of Marxism, the guiding theory for the party and for the country, we will lose its soul and direction” – these words of the Chinese leader cites the news Agency Xinhua.

China’s leader also assured the immutability of the course of the search of mankind for a better social order. However, he explained that “socialism with Chinese characteristics needs to evaluate “the people in the colored glasses”, and the Chinese themselves, based on the facts.”

Summing up his speech, the Chinese leader called on the party members more actively to strengthen the confidence in path, theory, system and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

According to the latest Department of the CPC Central Committee on organizational work, by the end of 2015, the total number of party members reached 88 million 758 thousand people, which is 965 thousand or 1.1 percent compared with the figure of 2014. The total number of grass-roots party cells amounted to 4,413 million while increasing by 54 thousand or 1.2 percent.

The growth rate of the number of CPC members continue to decline, while the quality of new party members increases. Last year, the growth rate of the number of Communists in the country were 0.2 percent lower than the previous year and 2 percent less than in 2012, which amounted to 3.1 per cent growth and was a record in history.

Among adopted last year in the CCP 1,965 million new members 977 thousand for the first production line, 777 thousand of them have higher education.

The structure of the part of the Communists were further optimised with increasing level of education of the leadership of grassroots party organizations. The number of CPC members with higher education made up 39,324 million, accounting for 44.3 percent of the national average (1.3 percentage points higher than the previous year).

The number of women Communists have made 22,278 million or 25.1 percent of the total number of PDA. The number of Communists-representatives of national minorities reached 6.18 million people, or 7 percent of the national total.

81 thousand (14.4%) out of 567 thousand secretaries of village party organizations have higher education. Among the 92 thousand secretaries of party organizations quarterly 51 thousand, or 54.8 per cent have higher education, the share of this category increased by 1.5 percent.

So, while our chatterbox demolished monuments to Lenin in absentia and fighting with Marx, China with the help of Marxism with Chinese characteristics looking for a better future for all mankind. We produce a Communist country goods, from nails to phones, computers and cars filled our country “prosperous market” and dying production.

With this diametrical difference in ideology and approaches to the history of something does not lead to the prohibition we have “red” Marxist and Communist grinders hardware.

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