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Chinese scientists are one step closer to creating an AI

Китайские ученые стали на шаг ближе к созданию ИИ

Scientists from China have created a particular hydrogen gas, whose temperature is three times the core temperature of the Sun. According to the information publication Hong Kong, the discovery was made by professors from the Institute of physical science in the Chinese city of Hefei.

Experts managed to produce hydrogen in a large magnetic fusion reactor and to maintain its temperature in the continuation of 102 seconds.

Similar experiments have been conducted by physicists from Europe and Japan. However, they failed to keep the extremely high temperature of hydrogen, as many scientists had feared that the reactor simply not survive and will melt.

The publication notes that the opening of the Chinese physicists is indeed a significant breakthrough in the science. However, despite this, to learn to use the hydrogen gas as a constant power source instead of the Sun, will take more than one decade.

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