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Chelyabinsk rock musician recorded a song in support of Donald trump

Челябинский рок-музыкант записал песню в поддержку Дональда Трампа

Alexander Katsev, who now lives in Moscow and is known in Chelyabinsk Muzykantsky environment even with the 80-ies as the leader of the group “Troll”, wrote a song dedicated to the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald Trump and filmed a video.

Song performed by the band Foxy Russians with its soloist, the young Gregory Cecevim, son of Alexander.

– You and me both red, it’s not a coincidence, we both marked by the sun, sings in English the soloist. – Hey, Mr. trump, you light my lamp and make America great again! I’d rather be friends with your son, than we will see each other through the gun sight, is the main ideological message of the song.

The visual range of the clip brings together the symbols of Russia and the United States of America.

Recall that Donald trump leads the ranking of candidates on the Republican ticket. In his election program there is a clear sympathy for Russia from the military intervention of our country in the Affairs of Syria appeals to improve relations between the two powers. Many Russian and Western experts believe that Donald trump is the best candidate for the US presidency for Vladimir Putin.

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