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CES 2016: the HP EliteBook Folio is easily confused with Apple MacBook

When Chinese firms for lack of a solid budget steal design ideas of major Western companies, this is not surprising, but when the same deal with manufacturers with a world name, it looks very, very strange. New HP EliteBook Folio announced in CES 2016 in the New World, very similar to Apple’s MacBook with a 12-inch screen, and not the fact that it’s just a coincidence.

The secondary design is obvious, but inside the new HP EliteBook Folio everything a modern and very interesting at least because it has a very powerful stuffing, but he is the lightest and the thinnest laptop in the entire history of Hewlett-Packard. The laptop is HP EliteBook Folio weighs less than 1 kg at a thickness of 12 millimeters and is by 15% and 21% less in comparison with the previous record holder, the HP EliteBook 1020, so the progress is obvious. The computer screen with a relatively small diagonal of 12.5 inches easily produces a picture in Full HD resolution and supports multiple simultaneous touches, being touch, and the top-end versions, the resolution is increased four times — up to Ultra HD.

HP EliteBook Folio has the property to open up 180 degrees, although such functionality is not all that useful. Inside the laptop there are 4 or 8 GB of RAM, SSD capacity of 128 or 256 GB and the CPU Core m5 or m7 depending on configuration. Before the release of HP EliteBook Folio complete with a Intel port of Thunderbird 3 in the form of a USB type-C there are very few time — it will come out in March of this year at a price of $ 1,000.

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