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Catcher in the lie?

Who will fight, if we survive in a new arms race?..

 Над пропастью во лжи?

Indeed, and with whom?.. Anticipating the conversation, I would venture to guess that the fight will end up not with someone, nothing and no one.
Because, if you count the cost of the USSR, and modern Russia on armaments both for themselves and for distribution of elephants dictatorial pseudo-socialist regimes, it becomes clear that communism, as a decent, secure life in Russia could be built on Western models and even the surrender of every citizen would remain on the personal account a significant amount of non-combustible! And so what candy could be country! What these Switzerland Canada Yes!..

Often such arguments meet the “killer” argument that enemies around and if not to arm, it would blow and at 41-45-m, and in ’56 in Budapest, and in’ 68 in Prague, and 79th in Kabul, and…
Stop-stop! Is it in Kabul, we won?.. With Afghanistan through our “victories” somehow itself has shrunk, and the cargo 200 has been the brand of Aeroflot cargo…as 41-45, for what fought for it and ran… You raised a sparring partner for socialism, and then pogruzilis for world domination.

Remember – “Communism – the bright future of all mankind!”, “The victory of communism is inevitable” and “We will win in the struggle for peace!”. Interestingly, the last slogan was very misleading, because of foreign sympathizers and had no idea that the word “peace” in Russian double digit.
How could he understand the struggle for a peaceful existence in a world where after the 2nd world almost burned out all the smoldering point of confrontation?.
So, the struggle was in earnest, peace, planet, globe! And this casuistry, the Jesuit subtext of the Soviet policy of “all progressive mankind”, together for cash handouts podavavshii the Kremlin preferred not to notice…
Well now to talk about it. Left vast inventories of scrap metal and disposition of ammunition, uncontrolled fires and explosions which are so scaring the residents of the center of the country the last few years. So what new arms race?..

It seems to me that in the past after the collapse of the USSR, significant changes to the ideology of the leadership of the armed forces and other power structures has not occurred. After all, even natural rejuvenation of the generals and the General staff don’t count. Children of generals, becoming generals, change the view of the world. How hung portraits of uncle Fada in the offices of security forces and hang, which is soon 100 years old… However, on the adjacent walls of classrooms added another sacred portrait…
So, still, in the minds of thirst for revenge for the defeat in the cold war, a new attempt to become the head of the world, to recoup!..
But who said that this attempt is not fatal, and the result is irreparable?..

The last 2-3 years of economic failures forced to launch risky military sexual games such as “Slut” with Ukraine, and with Syria. Nothing but damaged relations with most countries of the globe to no avail.
And brought a complete NERUHOMOSTI and silent contempt of the leading powers of the world.

It’s a shame? Undoubtedly!. And then there’s not only the moral side of things that we, in fact, to Pipa the door, as self-respecting cynics to shame, no shame, and any sanctions, the cessation of lending, the ban tov. Kobzon and dozens of respectable fathers of families to go to families in the States, to rest in Miami, the Riviera or in Courchevel, a ridiculous complication of activity in the offshore, in short, complete paragraph, the occurrence of which real life is meaningless…

Judging from the nervous hustle and bustle in the higher echelon, who announced suddenly on the privatization of the most delicious pieces of government property, such as Rosneft, VTB, Recomplete and whatnot, announced last hapka.
Arivederci, Rum?..

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