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Capitalism in Russia has exhausted itself?

Капитализм в России исчерпал себя?

Many have already forgotten, but 17 years ago in Russia was a progressive scale of taxation and lower income tax rate was only 12%, lower than it is now. However, pay another 1% to the Pension Fund and, when in 2001 passed to a flat scale of personal income tax to pay more in fact did not.

To support the rich at the expense of the poor was fashionable then, not shrink from it now. But we were told that all the matter in the effectiveness of that person need to give a fishing rod instead of fish. So, with that talk “about fishing” not one budget of the Russian Federation have gone and still go to support those who logically choose to feed the country – businessmen and entrepreneurs.

To calculate these amounts is impossible, Yes and no you will not allow, because it’s only about a hundred rubles, allocated mothers on the child, it is accepted to shout at every corner, and on millions for support of “local producers” and from the municipal to the Federal level, the talk is not accepted.

Fat years – all right. But now that I cut the indexation of pensions and benefits, it is quite mauvais ton.

What is the “efficient owner”, we still remember the crisis of 1998. But today, right here and now, unfolding before us the picture of the epic battle “efficiency”, for example, in the banking sector. This is when the Central Bank “suddenly” discovered a huge hole in the assets of another Bank, revokes his license.

According to the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA), the proportion of criminal bankruptcies of credit organizations in Russia reaches 80% (!), and in the “black list” of the Central Bank at date 4 742 banker and a top Manager.

Of course, the Central Bank, the DIA, any the chamber may try to oppose something predatory greed “captains of economy”, but what they can do in a country where by law even for murder is entitled to 6 years with an option for PAROLE?

Or that a ban on checks of small businesses during the first three years of operation. Sooner or later we’ll have SP and OOO over three years of age: every three years they will all re-register. And, in General, if someone thinks that in Russia steal only officials, that means he’s just never had to deal with a business… that’s the backdrop of the Titanic struggle, coupled with the attraction of unprecedented generosity, and we suddenly learn that the budget of Russia “equal to the budget of Belgium, Sweden or Mexico”.

The first thought arising from this – it’s a fake, not worth the attention. After all, even our “sworn friends” to put Russia in terms of GDP on a solid seventh place, just below Germany, just above Brazil. Can not the same country, earning as Germany, to have the budget as some kind of Holland.

It turns out it can!

However, the estimate of GDP at PPP, not all see the objective. On the other hand, many do not consider an objective assessment of GDP, excluding PPP. But the cause is still not in it, and that since ancient times we got the “sacred cow” is a sacred cow of the business. And this cow doesn’t give milk.

From the beginning of “perestroika” we hear desperate calls to support emerging business, “not to stifle the beginnings”, “do not cut the goose that lays the Golden eggs”. Since then died down and disappeared liberalization, shock therapy, hyperinflation, privatization, denomination, devaluation and default, the oligarchy and semibankirshchina, the most expensive yachts and the coolest hotels in the world, and the business is still weak, still swaying on his thin legs.

If you count the beginning of a market economy in Russia January 2, 1992 – the day of introduction of free prices (or rather their launch into space), less than a year we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Russian capitalism.

A quarter of a century! It’s time to go…

And don’t talk about low productivity. Low productivity is the lack of investment! And on the question of investment should refer to the same business. Well, if we’re not going back to the nineteenth century with its 12-hour working day and one day off to pray…

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