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Cameras “Zenith” again will go on sale

In the distant Soviet past of your own camera Zenit dreamed of, probably, all the inhabitants of our country. Today, naturally, they already are almost not needed, since the era of film cameras has long been a thing of the past, and everybody wants SLR Yes buttercake. But no story develops in a spiral, and soon the legendary the brand of “Zenit” will be revived.

The desire to return the brand “Zenith” to life, said the state Corporation “rostec”, not so long ago under the guise of buy yourself Krasnogorsk mechanical plant, which produced the cameras “Zenit” already from 1952 to 2005. For 11 years the production of cameras is not conducted on it, and now the factory is busy with production of DL optics for aerospace and military spheres. Return “Zenit” to life began in 2014, when Dmitry Medvedev proposed to revive the production of cameras. Of course, it is still unknown whether we will see new domestic cameras on the market, but let’s hope that the “Rostec” enough ingenuity to make them digital.

After his eventual revival of “Zenit” will be positioned as a brand of premium class, which will be able to compete with Leica. Hard to believe it is, of course, with difficulty, especially after a failure on the background of domestic AMD and Intel processors, but still it would be interesting to see what might happen. In the meantime Zenit have a history, we will continue to monitor the new products from Sony, Leica and other top manufacturers.

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