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Bring the Apple payment system Pay to Russia the end of the year

Apple has remembered that when-that named Russia as one of the main markets for her, and decided to bring its payment system Pay. This development is very popular in the States, where traditionally the highest concentration of Apple mobile devices, but in Russia there are plenty of them, so Apple Pay surely has the chance to settle down here.

The launch of Apple Pay on the territory of Russia is tentatively scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year, but Apple is already beginning to prepare for this, and quite active: almost a year before the launch of the service she is already negotiating with many of them in Russian banks, including the one that invented the queue and one working window. Payment system Apple Pay has been around for nearly two years — she was introduced in the fall of 2014 simultaneously with the announcement of the sixth “IPhone”, which has got built-in NFC module that is required to make payments.

Currently Pay works in the USA, Canada, Britain, China and even Australia, and can use it the owners of the following devices: iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, and iPhone SE and the Apple Watch. If you wish to use the system only on iPhone 5, iPhone 5s together the iPhone 5C, but in these three cell phones no NFC module, so you will first have to synchronize them with the clock Apple Watch. Earlier smartphones are not supported.

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