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Brad pitt is delighted angelina Jolie gorgeous gift

 Брэд Питт обрадовал Анджелину Джоли шикарным подаркомThe actor made the surprise sweetheart.

52-year-old brad pitt has decided to present to wife angelina Jolie’s gift to the 41-th birthday and posted almost 4 million dollars for a spacious Villa on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

This was reported by local newspaper Diario de Mallorca.

Brad pitt is doing to the actress switched from experiences due to the attacks of fans about her extreme thinness to a more pleasant emotion. Recently the actor made a surprise sweetheart – he solemnly presented her with the keys to a new Grand Villa on the coast of the Spanish island of Mallorca, which, according to one of realtors in an interview with local newspaper Diario de Mallorca, has acquired for $ 4 million.

“Brad told Angie that this luxurious mansion is a gift from him to her birthday, which the actress will celebrate the 4th of June. Angelina was in seventh heaven — I think her relationship with her husband finally get better,” he told the insider in an interview with us People magazine.

The source added that Angelina is waiting for the nearest holiday, which will spend with the family on Mallorca. The star will be able to improve their health (sickly Jolie began to cause trouble not only from fans but also from relatives of the actress), enjoying the fresh air, sun and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as positive emotions for a long time.

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