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Best assault rifle in the world

Лучшие штурмовые винтовки в мире

Modern assault rifles have become an integral part in fighting “diet” strongest army in the world. In this article we will look at the best representatives of this class and specify the combat characteristics of each of them.

Steyr AUG A3 (Austria)

Лучшие штурмовые винтовки в мире

This machine is the latest modification of the model AUG, produced by the Austrian company Steyr-Daimler-Puch. The rifle is built on the scheme bullpup (when the trigger is in front of the store). Steyr AUG A3 though, and has been published since 2005, but has already gained fame and spread worldwide. Austrian machine has the ability to fire in single, three-shot or automatic mode.

The rifle has its drawbacks, for example, due to the layout of the bullpup weapon is extremely difficult. However, Steyr AUG A3 to have a good performance: effective range – 600 meters, rate – up to 750 exhibition./min., 5.56, shop at 30/42 cartridge.

FN SCAR-H (Belgium)

Лучшие штурмовые винтовки в мире

FN SCAR is a modular assault rifle designed by the Belgian company FN Herstal for the U.S. special operations Command, USA. Type “H” is set as “heavy”, heavy, chambered for the NATO 7.62 mm×51 mm. This option involves the installation of an elongated or a shortened barrel for close combat.

Incredibly ergonomic, reliable, with good accuracy and low recoil – he earned respect among American special forces. Significantly high cost of assault rifles, thereby forcing the buyers to think about the right choice. The rate of fire – 625 exhibition./min., effective range – 900 m, magazine capacity – 20/30 rounds.

HK G36 (Germany)

Лучшие штурмовые винтовки в мире

The assault rifle was created by German company Heckler&Koch in the early 1990-x of years. Before the designers task was to replace in the army HK G3 automatic rifle caliber 7.62 mm. And German engineers have tried their best. Futuristic due to its unusual shape, the machine proved to be very good. In the design of the HK G3 is widely used plastic. Stores to control the flow is made of transparent plastic.

Caliber 5,56×45 mm, rate of fire – 750 exhibition./min., effective range – 800 m, magazine capacity – 30 rounds. Apart from Germany, rifle as the main infantry weapon employed by the army of Malaysia, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania and Spain.

M4 (USA)

Лучшие штурмовые винтовки в мире

M4 – the famous American assault rifle, created on the basis of well-known M16A2 and were originally designed for weapons equipment and crews of combat vehicles. Engineers Colt’s Manufacturing Company headed by Eugene Stoner finally managed to create a universal machine, which could meet the needs of the U.S. army.

Relatively wear-resistant, ergonomic, accurate and convenient, perhaps, all that can be said about the M4. Caliber 5,56×45 mm, rate of fire – 700-950 exhibition./min., effective range – 600 m, magazine capacity – 20/30 rounds.

AK-12 (Russia)

Лучшие штурмовые винтовки в мире

The AK-12 is a relatively new model of the legendary ruler of Kalashnikovs. Reliable and simple in circulation “Kalash” has acquired new characteristics:. telescopic buttstock, new muzzle brake, the system Picatinny, the ability to work with a gun with one hand. In the machine embodied the principle of the pulse is shifted in order to reduce the recoil, increase accuracy and give the opportunity to use lethal 7.62×51 mm,

Unlike the above-mentioned assault rifles AK-12 has a really small cost, allowing you to put it on the conveyor and “to change” the army. The calibre 5,45×39 mm/7.62×51 mm, rate of fire – 650 exhibition./min., effective range – 1000 meters, capacity – 30/65 rounds.

Лучшие штурмовые винтовки в мире

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