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Bait for bream

Bream, which is a desirable prey for many anglers, and is caught quite well in the icy water. However, his behavior changes significantly, due to the temperature of the environment.

Bream eats actively, but to do it he prefers in the dark. No, during the day you can also get on a good bite, but it’s much easier to wait for a robust recovery of the float at night. Factors influencing the success abound, but crucial, of course, the correct choice of location and bait.

The specifics of the winter lineup

Regardless of the specific location of fishing, as well as to the circumstances in which it occurs, we should not forget that bream by nature — a terrible glutton. Standard spot bait, consisting of 2-3 feeders medium volume, even a small flock of bream eats quickly, eats and what not something swept tails. For this reason, besides the traditional “rocks”, constituting 70-75% of total feed, at the bottom there must be a sufficient number of components of coarse fraction, which will collect and bream. Almost always, as such a large fraction acts as steamed millet. Before you enter it in the bait, the grain should pass through a sieve, and the moth — to break starch or special clay. This is done in order Supplement became homogeneous, devoid of lumps that can saturate the fish.

In addition, even in cold water bream clearly reacts to various smells. No, of course, the smell that was felt by the neighbors a few dozen meters, not need, however, a weak but distinct smell or sweet aroma of spices always should be. Responds well fish and many familiar scents of halva and crushed seeds. Add in dry form or in the form of “infusion”: a finely dispersed additive is poured hot water and infused until it cools and then it is kneaded bait. On one of the fishing trips I was able to “split” one of the fisherman who distinguished themselves that day with a record catch of bream and bream, with hardly any fish around. The aroma, which smelled of his bait, was very surprised: out of a bucket came pretty sharp… the smell of cumin! The secret, according to him, is simple: a few hours before fishing the seeds soaked in hot water, after 3-4 hours the broth is filtered through cheesecloth and used as the liquid for mixing groundbait. As you can see, fish like this flavor hit the spot!

Fishing at night

In General, some experienced lestnici who do not spare money on your favorite hobby, prefer to feed bloodworms clean, “smashing” its milled seeds. However, this technique seems wasteful: the first to come to such a bait would be perch and small rockfish, very hungry for bloodworms. Given the high “phlegm” bream, it may happen that such a bait is simply not going to wait for him. For this reason it makes sense to enter into the bloodworms only then, when it finally got dark, and the little thing went to “sleep”. There is, undoubtedly, a small amount of bloodworms in the afternoon and will be useful, however, in large volumes (up to half of the total volume of bait) it should be added only immediately before night fishing. As a rule, complementary feeding is as follows: original in the feeder is filled with plant bait and bloodworm. Falls out of bait, all in reverse order: first on the bottom falls bloodworm, and vegetable bait covers it from the top. Such components can also serve as an additional measure of protection against gluttons ruff, who “does not sleep” at night.

You should not forget that bream is a fish very careful. It is for this reason that the supplemental foods, as such, is not practiced. Experienced anglers prefer to divide the bait into three parts: first, 15-20 percent of the total volume, is useful for finding holes effective for night fishing. The main part, 65-70 %, goes directly into the hole at dusk, before fishing. The remaining 15-20 percent remain in reserve, just in case: Supplement should only when a complete end to night fishing. This should be done carefully either with hands or opening the feeder in Pology.

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