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Autism can be treated with bacteria, scientists

Аутизм можно вылечить бактериями, - ученыеDoctors told about the new way of autism treatment.

Scientists from Beloruskogo College in Houston during research have established that breast milk and probiotic togruta contain bacteria, whose activity may overcome certain symptoms of autism.

These unusual microbes, scientists were able to find in the microflora of the intestine of certain rodents. Studies were conducted on mice and found that in the intestine of mice that had symptoms of autism, missing Lactobasillus bacteria reuteri. It is responsible for digestion and also controls the level of happiness hormone – oxytocin.

But the drawback of such bacteria can lead to the development of certain traits of autism. Experts have established that the symptoms of autism found in young mothers during breastfeeding improperly fed and was obese.

The researchers found that in the case if you put the missing number Lactobasillus reuteri in the gut of a patient with autism, the symptoms begin to disappear.

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