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At the corner of Petliura and Konovalets

Writer Vsevolod Nepogodin — about the cult of nationalism in Western Ukraine

На углу улиц Петлюры и Коновальца

All regional centres namely Galicia Ivano-Frankivsk is considered the center of intransigent nationalism. I had to satisfy himself by visiting the city last weekend.

Itself the regional center few people today interesting. Ivano-Frankivsk is a quiet provincial town, where reigns the timelessness. People dressed in that horrible, like in the nineties, and only occasionally passing cars latest models recall that in the yard in 2016.

The first thing you come there, the unfriendliness in response to Russian speech. Asks for tea and cake in the cafe and on in the order, of course, will give you, but with a sour, contemptuous face and the skepticism in his voice. Such sentiments Ivano-Frankivsk for a long time can’t compete with lions for the title page of the tourism of the region. For two days I have visited a dozen schools and never saw a smiling staff, even when addressed in Ukrainian.

In 1993, in Ivano-Frankivsk was removed from the pedestal and sent to a scrap metal T-34 tank, and fifteen years later in its place erected a monument to Stepan Bandera. Steel is the winner of the Nazis the hero was declared an accomplice of the Nazis. It is noteworthy that from the monument to Bandera today is the beginning of the street Dudayev. Russophobia has become the dominant ideology in the Carpathian mountains, and the cult of the native current Kalush district, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast Stepan Bandera has reached unimaginable dimensions.

The center of Patriotic education of students in the Executive Committee named in honor of Stepan Bandera. State institution officially named after the Creator of the underground organization terrorist bias. Students at the center draw a Bandera in full length, embroidered Patriotic designs, dedicated to Nadezhda Savchenko and collect plastic caps for prosthetics participants ATO. A few hundred meters from the centre street Eugene Konovalets and stands his bust.

In the “House of books” to buy “Materials for educational practice”, is entirely devoted to Bandera and intended for school teachers. The collection includes the abstracts of studies Bandera, dictations and retellings about his personality, the hour of Patriotic reflection. Nazism in Ukraine today officially taught to students, and this seems to be.

Directly opposite the town hall on the Central square is the headquarters of the “National movement Dmitry Yarosh” and waving red and black flag. The trick is that Yarosh has distanced himself from the “Right sector” and created the organization right-wing.

In General in Ivano-Frankivsk is dominated by right-wing forces, “the Opposition bloc” is not even officially register his cell in the region.

The Clothing area has stands of “Ukrainian nationalist” in the red and black style. At the stands of their campaign posters placed nationalist organization. Right sector insists on the referendum, demanding the resignation of the President, government and Parliament, recognition of the fact of war, the full blockade of the occupied territories and the legalization of volunteers.

“Carpathian Sich” was not in favour of the EU and the LGBT community. The organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN) calls to kill the moskals, the remnants of the Communists and the regions. “Azov” of all right-wing forces is the most correct and only entices the youth to join their ranks.

There is already a memorial plaque to the fallen on Maidan and in the ATO. The Souvenirs manufacturers trying to cash in on the Patriotic trend — almost all the goods are, or tridents, or the inscription: “Glory to Ukraine!” Ivano-Frankivsk oblast was the leader by the number of volunteers who went to fight in Donbass, but unlike Khreshchatyk you can’t see men tog strolled in camouflage. To many zapadentsy came to realize that it is not their war and be proud of the participation in it is not worth it.

The former Stanislaviv voivodship of Poland on architecture is more similar to Eastern European cities than in Ukrainian. But horrified by the number of aggressive beggars and beggars. They unceremoniously drop into a cafe, sit down on the benches in parks and stick with importunate requests for help. Enough and harmless pensioners, standing at the entrance asking for alms. The economic crisis and after the devastation visible to the naked eye.

Ivano-Frankivsk region are unable to reveal to the world his famous athlete, artist, scientist or astronaut, and therefore praises the misanthrope Bandera. In honor of the writer Ivan Franko, the name given to the city, I noticed only one plaque.

The industry is not functioning, the local population travels for seasonal work in Poland, historic centre shabby and unkempt, but ostentatious patriotism is off the charts.

Nationalist ideology has clouded many a head. Outright fascists pasting his agitation in the heart of the city, and in the top ten meters of the people can smile sweetly at the tables in the café, pretending that nothing is happening. Hundreds of coffins from Donbass and the empty pockets yet can’t bring Galicia to settle down.

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