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ASUS Q304U — stylish 360-degree transformer

Conventional hybrid tablets with removable hardware keyboard started to go out of fashion, yielding analogs with keyboard turning. An increasing number of companies want to release their model, including Taiwan’s ASUS, whose hybrid computer Q304U successfully passed the test of FCC. If anyone knows, then this last instance, after which the device inevitably falls either on completion, or on the counter. In this case you choose the second option.

FCC is not yet ready to provide a detailed list of the specifications of the ASUS transformer Q304U, but to admire them she did. In terms of appearance, nothing to complain about — everything is strictly minimalist, but in a moderately nice and interesting, just like laptops from Apple, which are considered to be among the most attractive from the point of view of design. According to a report by the FCC, Federal communications Commission, a mobile PC includes a 2.5-inch slot for a hard drive, two USB 2.0 ports, as many USB 3.0 and one USB type-C, along with HDMI output, SD card reader and an input for headphones.

ASUS Q304U has two SODIMM slots for RAM, one of which is default free, and access them as easy as possible for a comfortable upgrade. FCC also noted the presence of a pair of stereo speakers, only they are located here on the bottom, apparently, for a deeper sound. Judging by the fact that all tests passed FCC the laptop, its announcement is just around the corner. Recall: the screen of this laptop the touch and is able to turn 360 degrees.

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