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As Israeli weapons falls into the hands of the Islamists of the IG?

Once I came across a question in the Internet, and why the Islamists of ISIS (DAISH), wreaking havoc in the middle East, not attacking Israel. Someone replied that they were afraid, because the Israelis know the techniques of guerrilla warfare and will give a fitting rebuff to any aggressor. And there is a lot of truth, but not all. Islamist militants also don’t attack Turkey and the Saudis. Maybe because the Turks are buying the stolen helistop oil and gasoline , and the Saudis still Fund the terrorists. And as is also the case with the Jewish state? Israel has repeatedly declared its “neutrality” in the context of the tragic events in Syria and Iraq. It is believed that tel Aviv, not only are sympathetic to the struggle of the Syrian people against terrorism, but also consider the Russian military mission is a stabilizing factor in the region.

In General, Israel acts as a state that is pursuing a balanced and responsible policy and with whom you can negotiate. Let us discuss this in more detail.

Traditionally, the Jewish state has considered Iraq and Syria as their mortal enemies. And Iraq, in which, after the American intervention and occupation came to power, the Shiites, are in intense relations with Iran, is seen almost as a more dangerous opponent than it was under Saddam Hussein

http://kolokolrussia.ru/geopolitika/izrail-pod-vidom-pomoschi-rossii-podderjivaet-terroristov?utm_source=sendpush#hcq=DTXj4Np political Scientists and military experts of Israel (not for the ears of the Russians) do not hide that the Jewish state is preferable to deal with the Islamists, bleeding countries than with stable and strong Syria and Iraq. And so the Israelis directly handed weapons and everything necessary for war to the terrorists.

For example, captured from the terrorists armored military jeeps had the stamp of the IDF, clearly indicates that the weapons were transferred directly from the warehouses of the army of Israel, and not purchased, say, in third countries on money smuggled hydrocarbons.
In addition, terrorists struck the Syrian army, finding refuge on Israeli-controlled territories. A wounded militants from Jabhat al-Nusra, ISIS and other Islamist gangs received medical treatment in Israeli military hospitals. According to the Israeli newspaper Times of Israel, since armed conflict began in Syria in 2011, and still medical care was provided to more than two thousand militants.
In addition, the Israeli air force has repeatedly supported terrorist organizations, banned in Russia. Since January 2013, the attacks are made by opposing to them the forces of the Syrian army. For example, the Israeli missiles was attacked the research center and warehouses SAA in Damascus. Aviation IDF attacked three military targets in Syria, which claimed the lives of about 140 soldiers.

There is information about that in terband are not only Israeli instructors and specialists of space communications, but also fighters of special forces “Mistaravim” (“pseudokey” – a special Israeli unit, whose staff are trained to portray Arabs) and “Sayeret Egoz” directly involved in attacks on security forces in Syria.

http://kolokolrussia.ru/geopolitika/izrail-pod-vidom-pomoschi-rossii-podderjivaet-terroristov?utm_source=sendpush#hcq=LCwq4Np With the start of operation of the Russian space forces in Syria after a few episodes, when the Russian fighters drove Israeli planes from the Syrian air space, tel Aviv has started consultations with the Russian defense Ministry. Judging by the message of the Second Israeli television channel, the Jewish state intends to create a “buffer zone” in Syria. If we consider that the Syrian border is under the control of the terrorists of the Islamic state and “Dzhebhat-EN-Nusra”, it becomes clear for whom this enclave is created. The Syrian crisis gradually reveals the secrets of the political players in the middle East who wanted to stay in the shadows, but to prolong the civil war in their interests.

Как израильское оружие попадает в руки исламистов ИГ?



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