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Android will stay in smartphones Huawei

The management of the company Huawei decided to comment on the recent online information about its early rejection of Google’s Android operating system. As it turned out, the Chinese vendor is configured is not as radical as previously thought — a complete abandonment of the platform still will not.

Huawei really is developing their own OSes, but to get away from Android is not going to, though does not exclude this possibility. As stated in the official statement, Huawei endorses the current policy of Google regarding the Android, and as long as this OS will remain open and well maintained as it is now, it will retain its presence in mobile gadgets Huawei. Meanwhile, the company is already working on OS Kirin is the name of the future software platform, which may be only add-on for Android or, alternatively, a full firmware based on it.

According to rumors, it will be a kind of analogue of Cyanogen OS, but there is no evidence there. Note that to compete with Android only iOS Apple, many other companies have their own operating systems, but they are of little interest due to low popularity, no support and the lack of adequate number of applications. This equally applies to Firefox OS, Windows 10 Mobile, BlackBerry OS and other losers, outsiders.

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