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“And they’ll teach us how to picking his nose!”

"И они будут учить нас, как правильно ковыряться в носу!"

I always thought that democracy is a government of the people, but that comrade Roosevelt I clearly explained that democracy is the power of the American people.

Recently Russia has dramatically increased information pressure from the West. And Western infotechnology took into account the mistakes of the past and dramatically changed the methods of propaganda, and target audience. Taht moved into the sphere of art, particularly the film industry, entertainment (games), rest. As the main consumer of this propaganda was itself a Western resident. Before Hollywood shot a lot of movies where the Russians were represented as barbarians and monsters, and Russia was portrayed aggressive and unpredictable country. But then this phenomenon were not targeted, but simply conform to the stereotypes and views of Western people about Russia and Russians.

Now almost all the Western entertainment industry and media seemed to have received the same order from their authorities for the production of identical content. Just recently, Norway came out the most expensive in its history series about the occupation of Norway by Russia, the BBC released a film about nuclear aggression of Russia, Sweden seriously worried about the (official) war with Russia, one after another out of a computer game where the aggressor is Russia again. The list is long. I would not be surprised that in a few years so all of these products will be perceived by younger generation as real world history, and it will begin to lead as evidence of serious pundits and politicians. As has already happened with the infamous movie “inglorious bastards”.

The words “Russia” and “aggressor” have become synonymous in the world and often not used without the other.

In fairness it must be said that not all in the West shared this new information company. Sometimes the voice of truth sounds even more quite well-known media. For example, on the pages of Daily Mail journalist Peter Hitchens a year ago published a very brave article “the Aggressor is the West, not Russia”.
"И они будут учить нас, как правильно ковыряться в носу!"

“I think they think we all live in a real world “Lord of the rings” in which Moscow is Mordor and Vladimir Putin is Sauron”, — believes the author of the article. By the way, recently the same similarities found gay artists from Moscow, offered to install the “Eye of Sauron” on a Moscow tower, said Hitchens.
"И они будут учить нас, как правильно ковыряться в носу!"

The Europeans believe that they are heroes, ready to”confront the Dark Lord” and to”liberate the Holy Ukrainians” from its terrible grip. All of this is nonsense, says a British journalist. Since 1989, Moscow, that everyone thought was the aggressor peacefully ceded control over 700 thousand square miles of valuable territory with a population of about 180 million people. Over the same period of the NATO countries, by contrast, gained control over the territory of 400 thousand square miles and 120 million people.

“Silly little informed people today like to compare Putin with Hitler. I warn them and you that if we will be able to cause hyperinflation in Russia to topple Putin, then we can find out what a Russian Hitler is really. And this war in Europe would not be fun”, says Peter Hitchens.

And really who is more the aggressor: Russia or Western countries?

At first glance, the answer is very simple. You just have to study the history of each state, to count, how many military conflicts it has participated and how many countries has shown military aggression, and to compare.

There is a widespread opinion that the most aggressive country on earth throughout all of history is the USA. Anyone interested can see the list of US military operations, or even more a long list of war crimes the United States.

However, all these materials have one big disadvantage — very large, requiring a very large time to read. Talking fashion now, the Internet language, a lot of letters, which complicates the perception, and after some time, tiring and makes you read even obliquely.

Much easier and faster for the modern perception would be a different method — using modern MediaMonkey show clearly how many countries attacked the world’s leading aggressor countries. And as it turned out, such research in the West has already made. It was hosted by British historian Stuart Laycock, and the results were published in The British The Telegraph called “the British have invaded nine out of ten countries — Luxembourg missed only”.
"И они будут учить нас, как правильно ковыряться в носу!"

As noted in the article: “a New study has shown that at various times the British have invaded almost 90 per cent of countries around the world.

Analysis of almost 200 countries shows that found only 22 which have never experienced the invasion of the British.

Among this particular group of countries are such distant destinations as Guatemala, Tajikistan and the Marshall Islands, as well as some a little closer to home, such as Luxembourg.”

Laycock, however, explains that it was not always directly invading British army. For example, in the case of States of the Caribbean and Central America that were often English pirates, but almost always their raids were inspirituality “the British crown”.

Pirates in those days were a sort of forefathers of the modern private military companies PMCs that did all the dirty work for hired them for that Western regimes.

Here is a list of these 22 countries that have not been subjected to direct military aggression of the British.
"И они будут учить нас, как правильно ковыряться в носу!"

As you can see, this list is ridiculously short: only 22 countries out of 193 member countries of the UN, plus observer the Vatican and Palestine. But if to them to add the unrecognized countries and dependent territories, we get the number 270. And only 22 of them was not invaded by the British. It is possible that the delay in the issue of Americans due to the relatively young history of the United States. But, as they say, is still ahead. Importantly, we have a beautiful flag that will justify any aggression, any atrocity, any murder, torture, genocide, destruction of whole countries and peoples — the Flag of Democracy.

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