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Americans patented a self-destructing bullet

Американцы запатентовали самоуничтожающиеся пули

The U.S. military has patented the bullet that is supposed to reduce the risk of injury by random people in the crossfire. The bullets feature a charge, which fires after striking the element will overcome a certain distance. This sets the time before detonation, then the bullet explodes and stops the flight.

The new technology will initially apply for cartridges of caliber .50, then the military are going to provide the self-destruct system of a smaller caliber bullet. Built-in pyrotechnic charge needs to deform the bullet, then it will lose aerodynamic properties and stop.

Американцы запатентовали самоуничтожающиеся пули

We developed three concepts, but they are not all healthy. The military believe that the conduct of hostilities in the city is a danger for those who are in conflict are not involved. The proposed technology will reduce the likelihood to give the wound a civilian. This is especially true when it comes to ammo caliber .50 (used for heavy machine guns and sniper rifles). Theoretically, the technology is applicable for cartridges in caliber 5.56 mm (.223, M16) to 155 mm (artillery).

Previously the American company Alternative Ballistics suggested way to preserve the life of the person who for one reason or another were in the line of fire police by proposing “safety Cushion” for pistols.

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