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American corporations are mired in debt and other “tails”

Американские корпорации погрязли в долгах и другие «хвосты»

1. Report on progress of fundraising for “the patriot Handbook”. For the first week have managed to collect about 450 thousand rubles, with some money still on the way. I hope that we this amount will last a year — a rate of 30-40 thousand rubles a month.

The money will go to pay the administrator, on taxes from this salary, a reward to the incoming accountant, of hosting and similar running costs:


I Express the great appreciation to all our supporters. Now can we have some less time worrying about financial matters and pay more attention to the creation of articles. Just in case let me remind you that to contribute to the project here:


2. The idea of creating a platform for Russian producers, which we recently discussed, has received unexpected continuation. The Ministry of economic development has developed the project of the Russian analogue of the famous “Ali Baba”:


If it all works out — and the chances are quite good, the benefit of all the necessary skills to peretiranie experience of China we have manufacturers can not only easily find relevant materials and components in Russia, but also easy to export goods overseas.

3. Analyst major international Bank “Societe Generale” for the States predicts a wave of corporate defaults:


American corporations are mired in debt, while their profits fell so much that it should now to expect the worst scenarios. If you go bankrupt a few large companies, the fire of defaults could spread rapidly to the entire U.S. economy and even spill over far beyond its borders.

4. The story of the “Panama dossier” and hid there money foreign presidents continues. It was already clear that the vague information the garbage that Pro-Western journalists and politicians tried unsuccessfully to use in the form of the compromising evidence on Vladimir Putin, does not hold water:


Roughly speaking, the surname “Putin” is not mentioned anywhere, and the fact that one of the friends of our President is engaged in is not particularly large on the scale of the Russian business is unlikely to impress anyone. Perhaps, there is no politician who would not find business among friends — this is a very common profession.

The failure is so obvious that one American expert even saw a leaked “a hand of Moscow”. The Washington Post writes that the documents in Panama almost no information that can hurt Vladimir Putin, and it looks suspicious:


However, I personally am not inclined to look for a conspiracy theory here. Everything indicates that the “leak” was organized by the Americans and known to the fighters for transparency just say this out loud:


It is also interesting to observe the reaction of the state Department spokesman, who could not explain to an inquisitive journalist, why the actions of Snowden, Washington was indignant, and the actions of the attackers “Panama” he has actively supported:


5. In General, the scandal with the documents of the Panama Mossack Fonseca promises to have far-reaching consequences. For example, in the stash with the President Poroshenko has been at least 15 offshore companies in addition to the confectionery business, from which he had promised in front of colleagues to get rid of:


Given the current sad economic situation in Ukraine, such disregard for the ideals of the Maidan could cost Mr. Clinton his chair.

It is noteworthy that Americans don’t need the offshore to hide money quite conveniently right in the U.S.:


Last year, States took third place in the index of financial opacity. Panama, by comparison, is in this index only the thirteenth place.

6. The number of drilling rigs in the U.S. continues to fall. Their amount was only 22% from the level in 2014 — and this is a new record:


To visualize the depth of the current drop, please pay attention to this chart:

Американские корпорации погрязли в долгах и другие «хвосты»

As you can see, such rapid and massive decline were observed for at least 40 years.

Following the reduction in the number of drilling, of course, with some delay and falling oil production. To date, the production fell to 9 million barrels per day. Judging by the schedule of drilling, this is only the beginning of the collapse — but even this was enough oil prices continued to steadily climb upward:


In any case, will make the necessary reservation. On the short term oil prices can go in any direction depending on the mood of speculators, for example. In the medium term it is also possible the continuation of the period of low oil prices — in that case, if the global economy continues to fall especially at a good pace, and the global demand for oil will decrease.

But in the long term options for oil no. As long as scientists do not undertake for the development of new energy sources, oil is destined to be relatively expensive.

7. Bankrupt Greece has resorted to a very painful methods of dealing with creditors. So, the largest port of Greece had gone to the Chinese — those bought on the day for 370 million euros:


Sale port is only part of the massive privatisation programme, which is running now in Greece. The Greeks will be forced to auction a large number of sea ports, airports and Railways.

8. In Russia, the Chinese, by contrast, are building new plants — the benefit to produce in Russia now is often cheaper than in China. So, in the Tula region in two years will start plant on production of Haval SUVs:


Another Chinese manufacturer, Lifan, building a plant in the Lipetsk region. Both plants, of course, will have a high degree of localization.

I hope that a large number of automobile manufacturers will be able, finally, to solve our old problem — to give the domestic auto component manufacturers to earn good money. Carmakers now use the fact that in Russia only a couple of dozen, and sometimes blatantly to twist the arms of suppliers:


9. The Americans in the next six years will need a minimum of 18 Russian rocket engines:


Of course, the plans of the American businessmen Napoleonic — Elon Musk, for example, has said that his rocket will fly in space and to return up to 100 times:


But, apparently, the Pentagon is not very hurry to believe the master Mask on the floor.

This, of course, sad. After all, if Elon musk really will be able to perform at least part of what he had promised, space travel would become much cheaper.

10. In the Norwegian politician said he feels a sense of guilt in front of a refugee who was raped:


Politician — a heterosexual man, he adheres to left views, and after being raped a refugee from Somalia, he believed that his life is ruined. However, now that the refugee was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison and are going to send from Norway, the politician feels a sense of guilt and responsibility: in Somalia the unfortunate refugee waiting for “dark and uncertain future.”

This news is similar to the stuffing, right? However, here’s an article in “Dailymail” — it’s quite a good publication, which previously was not noticed in the publication of fakes of this kind:


Alas, every time the next news from Europe seems to me to be a joke, it appears that European politicians are not joking. Previously, I was surprised politicians from the Netherlands — where male politicians are wearing short skirts and went out on the square to Express their protest against the harassment of refugee women. The news was real.

Now that Some Norwegian… looking at all this I conclude that Europe is terminally ill, and that soon the refugees will become full owners in full and helpless European house. But, I believe that when Europeans will feel real discomfort, they pull together again and show the planet your true face.

Point same clowning policy only bring this point — demonstrating by their conduct endless detachment from the needs and aspirations of ordinary Europeans.

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