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A fairly common type of fear – in every way the authors of textbooks on phobias give examples of celebrities who were afraid… of cats! Well, in fact, pass such a weakness in such a “great and terrible” like Hitler, Mussolini and Napoleon? However, those who suffer from ailurophobia, care of the famous companions in misfortune, and how you can rid of the disease.

Despite the advertising all sorts of feeds for cats and optimistic assertion that the cat is man’s best friend (after his wife and dog), you should always keep in mind that these animals are cunning and very jealous. So, we all know that cats are attached to their place of residence and not to certain people.

Of course, they know the owner in every way and show him respect, but if someone asked the cat: is it better for her to stay in the old house, but with new owners, or move behind a familiar person in an unfamiliar environment, a cat would choose the first.

However, the owner for the cat – familiar object surrounding interior.Therefore, if the family has a cat, and it is planned the birth of a child, it is necessary to think very well the isolation of the child from animal is a jealous cat, especially the Siamese breed may intentionally cripple the kid, to scare him by jumping in the crib.

She’s really jealous – in a familiar environment suddenly had an obstacle that we need to urgently isolate. Therefore, if honestly and objectively consider the problem, fear of cats not as groundless. And the attack cats for kids can provide the impetus for the consolidation of fear of these furry creatures.

Ailurophobia maybe a long time to “doze” in the subconscious, manifesting only in the avoidance of cats and hostile attitude towards them, and then suddenly (when the manifestation in life of “shock,” reminded the man of an unpleasant episode), suddenly appear in full force.

However, the fear the fear the hatred. It’s one thing if people are just afraid of the animal, trying not to piss him off and not to expose defenseless back under sharp claws, and quite another – when a person loses control of himself, tries to run away from the place where the cat cannot think sensibly and take meaningful decisions. In the latter case, we are talking about phobias.

To treat or not to treat this type of disease is to be solved individually. Of course, you can easily live without cats, and in a big city, they are generally rare to find on a crowded and noisy streets, However the phobia in any form is a disease.

Let anyone who doubts the appropriateness of treatment, will serve as a lesson to the failure of Napoleon in the famous battle with Nelson – brave commander knew about the phobia of the French conqueror, and commanded to produce before the army of cats. The result was the French lost the battle because Napoleon simply could not bring himself to command an army.

But if it is not about Napoleon, but about an ordinary person, the more it’s a shame to lose the chance to get a better position or to meet a dream girl just because of the fact that there was a cat. And after all – what luck! – it will appear exactly when you need to show all his determination and self-discipline! But on ordinary days, fluffy the demon will not see – even if you look for it intentionally.

The therapy ailurophobia very simple and in most cases gives positive results. As usual, cognitive-behavioral approach is justified and here, in very difficult cases it is combined with medication. Often the therapist teaches patients to cope with their fear, communicating with kittens – in these cases, the fear manifests itself in minimal degree and it is quite simple to fight.

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