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If a person is afraid of heights, fire or say, high waves – it is quite understandable. If he is afraid to get under the car, which suddenly POPs up from behind a corner or worries about the possibility of an accident when behind the wheel – it already a neurosis.

Well, if he can’t cross the street, despite the fact that the shop or his workplace are only a few tens of steps, but these steps need to be done on the roadway – it’s a phobia. One of the most interesting phobias, a clear product of the modern world – the fear of the road.

Of course, it’s safe to say that all people in varying degrees, are afraid to cross the road on which the vehicle travels is too great a likelihood of “speeders”, not observing speed limits, and other requirements of safe driving. Children from kindergarten are taught to beware of vehicles on the city streets, obey traffic rules and in General of all the forces urge caution.

But agyrophobia is not careful, they are afraid. In this case we can talk not only about roads full of running machines. It might as well be dirt roads, bumpy and created only for local rattletrap, drawn by horses, or, say, for cyclists. The risk is minimal – but the panic still remains.

The fear is also not associated with post-traumatic stress disorder, which often accompanies those who have recently experienced an accident or was her witness – it manifests itself without regard to external conditions.

In principle it is possible to give recommendations not to cross the street to avoid motorways but in this case it is possible to live in a big city? Agropoli sometimes reaches such state that, instead of crossing the road, they reach the nearest stop and drive through half the city only to exit on the opposite side.

The worst thing is that in such situations, it can additionally develop a fear of public transport, bus stops, etc. of the rather unpleasant bouquet that can really make life a nightmare. And what to do in this case? Moving to the country? But agyrophobia in this case will not stop because the roads are everywhere where people live.

In this regard, the detection of signs of disease is recommended to immediately consult a specialist. Treatment most likely will be removing equipment from the subconscious the very traumatic situation that was the impetus for the development of the disease.

It’s possible that it was an accident, which he survived still in its infancy, but which has affected his perception of the world. Understanding the causes of phobias are a very beneficial effect on further therapy.

Very helpful technique is “accommodation”. Under this psychotherapy of admission the patient presented with a very detailed explanation on paper all the way across the road, with a detailed description of feelings, thoughts, sensations. You want the person felt as it traverses dangerous plot, who or what helps him in this.

If you use this technique of neuro-linguistic programming, you can ask for help from their internal reserves. Most importantly, the whole process should be completed happily returning home, and the patient should feel a sense of security.

In General, getting rid of this phobia has a very favorable prognosis – of course, if treatment is initiated in a timely manner. And to know onset of the disease can be easily diagnosed by the symptoms: if approaching the road the person feels not just fear and carefully looks around, and feels weakness in the limbs, he felt like he close to fainting – it is not necessary to hope that it’s just a reassurance, you need to look for a specialist in phobias.

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