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Activist Korovin said that he was in the garage threw a grenade, ammunition and a gun

Активист Коровин заявил, что ему в гараж подбросили гранату, патроны и пистолет

In the garage activist Vladimir Korovin, the police found a grenade, a pistol and some ammunition. He said “Mediazone”.

According to Korovin, all the items lying on one of the shelves. The gun, according to him, similar to a revolver, but to examine it in detail he did not.

Korovin believes that the incident is the company “Audisport”, which is a contractor of the company “Inteko” and deals with demolition of the garages to GO “Boom”. Recently Korovin from the company seeking compensation for the demolition of the garages.

Korovin also told that today at noon his reliable source reported that he is preparing a provocation and a garage located in the Ramenki, threw something. Immediately after that the activist himself called in OVD “Ramenki” and reported about the information received. Shortly thereafter, he was contacted one of the policemen who was checking out an anonymous report of the prohibited items in the garage at the activist.

“This morning was a call to duty, the call was anonymous. Called the number of my garage, wrong. Then, when they found out my phone number, (police — approx. ed.) called me,” added Korovin.

At the request of the police, he came to the police station “Ramenki”. There he was interrogated by a detective officer, and then they went to the garage for inspection. The activist noted that the garage is in the Ramenki not use it for about a month. In the inspection of the garage activist participated including chief OVD “Ramenki” Alexander Steklyannikov.

Later, Korovin was able to get into your garage after the arrival of the explosives. Found a rusty grenade without fuse.

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