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Action World of Tanks Blitz got to the Apple Mac OS X

Video game World of Tanks Blitz gradually appears on all new platforms, and long gone are the days when it existed only on mobile gadgets. In the very near future to assess its capabilities with can and “blogopoly”, because very little time is left before its release on the Apple Mac OS X.

In fact, fans of “Apple” technique can try out World of Tanks Blitz today, because the toy was originally developed for Apple iOS on a couple of Google Android. Naturally, developers wanted more money, and against this background, in December last year, just three months ago, they ported this action on Windows 10. Total now to play it on tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop PCs.

Literally today World of Tanks Blitz will run under Apple Mac OS X, but note, in test mode. This applies to the CIS countries and Cyprus, and all owners of desktops and laptops with this operating system will be able to compete with players who prefer desktop and mobile PCs running Windows. Gamers who prefer to play on portable devices, these battles will not be involved — they deal exclusively between themselves, in some battles, where they can show themselves the owners of vehicles based on Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile. For a comfortable game table version World of Tanks Blitz under Mac OS X you need a computer with 2 GB RAM and the OS, updated to at least version 10.9.

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