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About the new reform of the Russian health

О новой реформе российского здравохранения

О новой реформе российского здравохранения

Well imagine how annoying it can be in our society invoke any talk of any change in such a painful and important for every field of medicine. Almost all the innovations of recent decades have led to equally tragic consequences, as in science, education, economy, culture and politics. But about them another time. Now we are seeing another round of campaign optimization and so meager spending on megabacteria of the population, compounded by the lamentable state of our budget and increased defense spending. The crumbs that accrue to hospitals and clinics ruthlessly plundered by officials from the health Ministry and insurance companies, which obviously parasitic and corrupt add-in.

Everywhere close small close to the periphery of the population, health facilities, qualified medical staff dismissed, reduced subsidies for the purchase of imported medical equipment and medicines, removed ambulance station and the hospital, sometimes only available in rural areas. Decreases the quality of care, increase in theft and falsification in the transfer of funds from insurance companies interested only in the scroll in their accounts of the funds collected, not the development and improvement of health facilities. But a growing number of commercial clinics offering the means of many rates for their services, many previously free services, operations and services in fact turn into inaccessible and hard quota.

Can be long to enumerate the vices of the current system, but usually at borders there is the main problem. The current national healthcare does not protect public health. Our medicine is focused on treating illness rather than preventing them. Doctors do not pay for people’s health, and for each treatment in the clinic, medical visits, ambulance call, each procedure, operation, etc. Its part of income patients receive from pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, our medicine is vitally interested in the fact that people were sick and more were lying in hospitals, got sick lists, bought drugs and led an unhealthy lifestyle, destroying themselves with bad food and questionable drugs.

I believe that many of these distortions could be avoided, if you put in the forefront the health, not the treatment, and properly redistribute financial flows, encouraging the people to care about themselves and their future. Just eliminate the current system of compulsory medical insurance, directly scrolling on the personal insurance account of every citizen of Russia a kind of a certain budget amount. At the same time you want completely equal rights and opportunities for all medical institutions – state, departmental, municipal and private. All their services will now have to pay on top of unnecessary intermediary companies, and the population, directly assessing the quality and quantity of services provided.

Each will have a personal electronic card with dedicated on-year golemite, which can be paid exclusively by Bank transfer all necessary drugs and medications, visits to specialists, emergency calls, stuck teeth and other operations. To withdraw it would be difficult and illegal, but possible to help more in need of a relative or loved one, to save and to use once a year to visit the resort or at the resort, or to accumulate just in case. This will cause the sane part of the population itself to preserving your health, eat right, exercise, protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and relations, to refrain from Smoking, drinking and obesity.

We can’t mention that any damage caused to your or others ‘ health resulting from drunk driving, extreme sports and tourism, trips to exotic countries or other actions bearing a clear potential danger to themselves or others, must be paid with personal accounts of the perpetrators, and in case of exceeding the limit – at the expense of their property or even housing. At the same time, any chronic disease in children, birth trauma, genetic and mental disabilities should be completely reimbursed by the state at the expense of individual budget items. Of course, they will be paid for any disability from civil service, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, military actions or other force majeure.

Thus, it will become uneconomical, unfashionable and just plain stupid to ruin your health while you are young Smoking, drunkenness and other excesses, it consciously safeguard against possible hazards and adverse situations, to be more discriminating in relationships, be faithful in marriage, carefully take care of their loved ones. This will allow most people to live most of his life most fully and meet old age with minimal health losses, as well as savings on their personal health accounts, which also can replenish themselves at the expense of voluntary medical insurance. Ultimately, these reforms should serve as a budget saving and improvement of facilities and quality medical services.

I am convinced that under such a system to physicians and medical institutions, engaged in real medical services of the population will still go up much higher than now, by eliminating wasteful spending on officials and various insurance intermediaries, their offices, fleet, awards and corporate events. There are, of course, the risk that physicians will be still interested in the imposition of unnecessary medications, procedures and operations, but any case opened will hurt their pocket, fines from government agencies, and loss of trust from the population that will prefer next time to use the services of a physician, pharmacist, pharmacies or medical facilities. This will lead to their disqualification, loss of licence and income and even bankruptcy in the future.

It is clear that any operation, incorrect analysis, wrong diagnosis, improper medical care, childbirth badly spent, wrongly prescribed treatment and medication have to be paid by physicians and their mazawattee, since all their actions are logged on the electronic map and cloud storage in a personal network area court decision to an independent medical examination. On the other hand, it is possible that the district or family doctors will receive their salaries only when their wards healthy. But also write them ahead of time they will not be profitable, because undertreated patients will simply go to other, more conscientious and competent physicians.

As a result, the provision of medical services to the population will depend not on the order of Ministry of health officials and passing funds on a winding and corruption-threat insurance channels, but on real demand and needs of the population, also the activity and professionalism of physicians. I believe that all these simple steps together will quickly and without any extra cost to optimize the cost of medicine, will help to bring conscious, responsible and rational attitude to maintain their health populations, to normalize the mood in society to regain the prestige of the profession of physician, to provide quality service to those in need of medical care, to really protect low-income people in remote areas.

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