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A British journalist told about the service of the Russian fans in the “DNR”

Британский журналист рассказал о службе российского фаната в «ДНР»Two years ago the fan was in the Donbas and helped the invaders, reported the media.

Journalist for the British newspaper the Independent, Kim Sengupta, learned in one of the Russian fans of the man in the DNI helped the separatists. It is listed on the newspaper’s website.

The journalist saw the fan during the riots in Marseille for Euro 2016. According to him, the man’s name is Nicholas and he is about 30 years. Two years ago he associated with him in the occupied part of Donbass. The fan was dressed in camouflage, said the media.

“Two years ago, in the cities of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, in the breakaway Eastern part of Ukraine, Mykola told me that he was there for the delivery and assist the victims in the fighting, and not to take part in the battle myself,” said Sengupta. – Now he insists that he’s in France just to watch football and not looking for any problems.”

According to Nikolai, a Russian ultras do martial arts. In addition, he reported about the attempts by UEFA to deport more than 50 fans of the national team of Russia, including women. At the same time declare on sending in the Russian Federation 29 fans.

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