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5 ways to use competitors, to the benefit of your site

5 способов использовать конкурентов на благо своего сайта

Whether competition for the benefit of the web resource? To this question, if you do not think many webmasters will give a negative answer. Say, what’s the use a headache because of the need to constantly increase the budget for the development and search engine optimization of the site. But if not the pain, I get nervous when the Top issue on the developed query/queries is not your Internet offspring, but “hated” the project competitors. Eh, if the latter was not at all…

What would have happened if they weren’t, you need to look in each specific case, but in General, competition always benefits the business. The Internet in this regard is no exception. I think so, think so many other people. One of them Jason Demers – popular author of the famous Forbes magazine.

In one of his recent materials for the legendary edition Jason tried to outline a few basic ways to use their online competitors to increase the efficiency of website promotion in the Network. To see it in some places offer useful thoughts below.

New ideas for your site content

After a long period, say, several years of rigorous content of the resource, the author may face a crisis of ideas. Especially if the sector, which comprises particular information of the web project, not different news dynamics. In such a situation to compensate the lack of their own ideas for filling your site are called resources of competitors. Of course, this does not mean you have to go primitive to copy someone else’s content or write about similar topics. However, to learn a new idea, which in the future can be given their own sound, definitely worth a try!

5 способов использовать конкурентов на благо своего сайта

Optimization of the link profile

Indirect assistance competitors may also be that they can be used efficiently to update the external reference profile of the site. For this purpose only and need to study in detail (with the help of specialized services) who refers to your competitors. The information obtained should improve the strategy of building the backlinks on your site through authoritative resources that refer to your competitors. Of course, if you can convince them to become your donors.

Differentiation of the brand

A detailed competitor analysis will allow you to better understand their essence: what is their target audience, what niche they are most comfortable to work with, what are their advantages, coupled with innovation, etc. On the basis of the acquired information you will be able to easily compare what your objective with them the similarities, and what is best for you difference. In the future around the last and is to dance, proving to its audience that, despite the existence of other offers, only you can ensure its a unique product, which is unique in this segment simply does not exist!

Disadvantages of your dignity

Even the most sophisticated campaign for the development of any site always has certain obvious weaknesses. By knowing your competitors, you will be able to use it for the benefit of the Internet project. Suppose you become aware that your chief competitor, trying to get “social” traffic, focusing on Facebook. At the same time he neglects the growing potential of Twitter or Instagram. Therefore, here it is field to enhance your efforts to bypass the competitor. However, that is no reason to care about Facebook. Don’t forget about it.

5 способов использовать конкурентов на благо своего сайта

Thoughtful partnership is one key to the success of

We should not underestimate the benefit from the opportunity to work with the competitors directly. Of course, if such a chance will be given, and he will be favorable to both parties. We’re not talking about a simple favor (like link exchange), and on a more thoughtful partnership. What? Again, everything is decided in each individual case. With the proper approach, common ground can always be found and to start fruitful cooperation. As an option, I remember opening a column on your website for a competitor and is identical to a step with his hand in your favor.

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