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5 fashionable looks for prom

It just seems that June is still long. In fact, high school girls look forward to this month with a sinking heart, and now are counting down the days until an important event — the prom. Pick outfits for this holiday taken in advance. Actress and fashion blogger polya Polyakova decided to study this question in detail. She visited several boutiques and showrooms, talked to designers, tried on dresses. The five most interesting image for the prom — in today’s trendy review.



The image “ballerina”

The incredible beauty of dresses-tutus, skirts from airy Voile, a light, pastel shades with a gradient from white to pale pink. The feeling of weightlessness and lightness inspired dresses created by designer Yulia Prokhorova, and brought to life the image of soaring in the dance of a ballerina. The most beautiful prom dress doesn’t have to be long. If You have beautiful slender legs, suggest to pay attention to the short model. Impresses floral appliqué lace and silk with a 3D effect. In this dress you will definitely stand out among their classmates.

Such outfits will fit this season’s pumps any bright colors, except kipelno-white. Is the best way to complement a strict smooth hair: neatly tied-back hair in a voluminous bun. As for makeup, it is not necessary to overdo it with him. For this image the make — up almost invisible in nude.


The image of “rock starlet”

A little cocky youth image, which is just perfect for the young beauties. To them I was advised dresses with interesting prints. For example, the new collection by Tarik Ediz features a charming outfits with a star print. On the one hand, dresses show elegance through the lush skirts flying, on the other hand they make a little drive through bodycon silhouettes. Also I said dress with a thin strip of bare belly that gives the classic combination of black and white spicy flavor. Alternate costumes in the spirit of the latest fashion trends.

Hairstyle-straight long hair on a side parting, or slightly negligent curls. Make-up — focus on eyes. Choose a shade of rich, dark shades ,in the style of smoky . Jewelry — long earrings. Good luck, if I can pick up earrings and a ring in the form of silvery stars . Shoes — sandals on a high heel with a peep toe. That’s the graduate: bright, a little cocky and confident.


The image of “Princess”

Keep in mind that the Princess of the 21st century is not a lady in Hoop skirts with combat paint on the face and small modelkami on the head. Modern Princess – sophisticated, romantic, dreamy lady. Suitable for this image the outfits I found in the boutique Bella Potemkina. It should be noted that his style of theatre they like, carry the modern girl in the past with its full skirt, lace, impeccable detailing, making reluctant posture straight, wasp waist, as well as creating a special mood of femininity and self-esteem. The designer offers different models of dresses like long sleeve and the dress is corset type with open hands .The special charm of the models gives a textured lace in the shape of hearts and a little deflated short-sleeved, exposing her shoulders innocently. Dresses are also presented in various colours. Still, given the young age of the graduate,I suggest to give preference to if and bright ,not saturated colors. Lemon, heaven, menthol, coffee -all of them create a worthy choice for princesses, such as future students. The shoes of princesses should be bright – colored shoes on a high heel. You can safely choose a contrast with the dress color. And makeup choose color eye shadow. Moreover, summer collection abound with the bright shades. Best option of styling your hair-big hair is wavy on one side. As a jewelry choose something concise. The neck line, I do not propose to cut bulky necklace, a fairly thin chain with a crucifix or small size pendant.


The image of a “girl-mystery”

Retro style never goes out of fashion. So I drew attention to the creation of the designer Diana Pavlovskaya. Her outfits for those girls who are not afraid to go for vintage dresses in the style of grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. Particularly interesting was prom light pink evening dress with lace sleeve. Dress, with wide skirt sun flare. The line of the chest is exquisitely accented by lace. This lyrical dress for prom in vintage style a La Natasha Rostova. Shoes: shoes on a small heel with a round closed toe neutral, powdery flowers.

Make up: focus on the lips. From rich pink to red lipstick. The shade of light, pastel shades. Valid thin black arrow at the top edge of the century. Jewelry: only jewelry or none at all. Silver or gold and natural stones. No plastic jewelry and modern jewelry. Hair: the undone curls gathered in the back surround a beam or other variations. It is important to keep the volume in the hair.


The image of the “Hollywood diva”

Stars in Hollywood are almost always wearing very expensive outfits, famous designers. Luxury segment of the fashion industry, which, of course, not available to many graduates because of its price. But, as it turned out, the impossible is possible. Now in Moscow there are showrooms, hire dresses, one of which is “the girlfriend’s Wardrobe” I went to meet kolekcia of the presented outfits, and also clarified some of the details from its owner Pauline white.

“Open back does not necessarily have to be sexually defiant. For example, dress in a delicate Jenny Packham, — said Pauline, and added, “by the way, the outfits of the designer is Kate Middleton”. Also I looked wonderful dress Roberto Cavalli. Usually this designer is characterized by a very bright, aggressive colors. For example, its a leopard print made it recognizable around the world. But sometimes he experiments with peace flowers, he is also doing a very good job. And this year, Badgley Mischka is not less successful models. As, for example, a blue dress with an open back. Elegant and not vulgar. Shoes: sandals with high heel and small platform. Color: metallic, bronze, blackened silver. Makeup: the perfect tone and clean lines. “Cat” arrows. Berry shades of lipsticks. Hair: Hollywood curls. Jewelry: big ring, necklace or massive with stones or rhinestones earrings.

Photo courtesy of the showroom “Wardrobe-girlfriend” polya Polyakova in Zuhair Murad

Polya Polyakova in Roberto Cavalli

Actress Julia Kokryatskaya in Badgley Mischka. Photo courtesy of the showroom “Wardrobe-girlfriend”

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