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Yekaterinburg police arrested a Seminary student for selling drugs

Полиция Екатеринбурга задержала студента духовной семинарии, торговавшего наркотиками

In Yekaterinburg on charges of drug trafficking arrested a second-year student at the Seminary, the altar boy and bell ringer of the Temple-on-Blood Bogdan Yunusov. Law enforcement officers took the act of a young man distributing drugs on the territory of the parish and beyond.

“When a Bogdan Yunusov discovered the pre-packaged bundle of white paper with illegal substances inside. Examination showed that the withdrawn is 1.2 grams of marijuana and synthetic drugs,” said a source in law enforcement bodies.

Journalists of the local newspaper “the Evening Vedomosti”, in turn, clarify that 23-year-old young man not only ministered at the altar in the Temple-on-Blood, but also worked part time in the Great Zlatoust Church in Yekaterinburg.

In the Yekaterinburg diocese, meanwhile, reported that Yunusov is neither an altar nor a ringer: “This young man really helped in the temple: sweeping, washing, but the priests, to whom he spoke, he noticed the signs peculiar to the person who is abusing drugs. Therefore, his desire to work in the temple were stopped, and the man has not had the opportunity to become what he called himself. Perhaps he had during the arrest to somehow to win over police officers”.

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