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Xiaomi will release its first laptop this summer

Company Xiaomi already tired of releasing some smartphones Yes only external batteries with smart bracelets and began to switch to other industries. So, very soon the market will do her first laptop, and the light he will see if the rumors are true, in the course of this summer. Moreover, the presentation will take place at the end of June, and there to the release at hand.

The first laptop from Xiaomi is aimed at young people, it is possible to count on a slim body, good filling and low suggested retail price, and also, perhaps, to the bright colors. How do you plan to keep the cost of mobile PC, not yet reported, but, perhaps, on top the components of Xiaomi to fork out will not. Also unknown dimensions of your laptop at first talked about the 15.6-inch screen, but now already mentioned a 12.5-inch diagonal, which is not so good.

But the case promises to be of metal, reasonably light and thin, along the way, without an Appendix in the form of optical drive. Of course, all this is to listen to Windows 10 because nobody wants yet another hybrid, of which there are already too many on the market. Most likely, your first laptop Xiaomi will release in late August to catch the beginning of the new academic year, when students buy their new laptops, and doing the same caring parents for their children-students. Cost mobile PCs to be announced.

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